Caden Contributor Proposal [10/1/2021 through 11/30/2021]


Things I did well:

  • Marketing: Working with @KeenanL, provided marketing support for the Swapr Arbitrum launch, Swapr airdrop/farming, as well as general marketing. There were a few hiccups around the Swapr Arbitrum launch of course, which led to shifting schedules, but despite that, the Swapr marketing push was highly effective.
  • Social Highlights Program: This program has been well received, and I’ve highlighted a number of Tweets from community members, most often liking them from the @DXdao_ Twitter account.
  • emails: I created the email system with end to end encrypted email service Tutanota so that any active DXdao contributor who desires to can now have a dedicated work email! This is a big benefit for BizDev and professionalism purposes, as it can be seen as unprofessional to use a personal Protonmail/Gmail/etc. email account. Finally, with addresses, emails are now verifiable that the email came from a DXdao contributor, without your new contacts wondering if you are who you say you are when you reach out to them for the first time. The cost to the DAO is minimal - 4.8 euros/month base and 3.2 Euros/month per user. I am separating the payment for the email system into a separate signal proposal to make it official.

Things I did OK:

  • DAO Source License: I created an “Evolution of FOSS for the DAO Age” license, which Tammy also gave input on, but it met too much opposition to implement. The concerns people have are about having a license that’s more restrictive than open source/GNU in general, not any specific issue with the DAO Source license, as far as I know. In the future, some form of a license will ensure DXdao’s financial success and create value for the governance token holders it empowers, all while creating a much-needed competitive moat and preserving DXdao’s future. It’s important to strike the right balance between open source ideals and retaining some value from innovation (which allows for profit and more free and open code in the future), and right now I feel DXdao is too far in one direction on this balance. Such a license would be especially helpful for Omen specifically to be financially successful as a base layer platform for other prediction markets to use as back-end infrastructure, provided that improvements are made to Omen such as order books or UNI V3- style liquidity provisioning. This is because without such a license, it is totally legal for those prediction markets to fork Omen and avoid paying any protocol fee Omen charges. I’ve put the DAO Source License on the back burner for now, and will continue with it if the right time comes and it gains the support necessary to implement.
  • Writing: Wrote and edited articles - this is “OK” because I did less of this than I had hoped.

Things I could’ve done better:

  • PAR Group (now Omen Research Group): I created the working website, email system, and contact form for researchers and interested people to get involved with the PAR Group. PAR Group was discussed and approved of on previous calls, and passed on-chain in my contributor proposal. However, I made the mistake of waiting to finish PAR Group until months after the discussion about it, due to a focus on Swapr and away from Omen. Because I waited, the plan for PAR Group was no longer fresh in people’s minds, and there was some confusion and miscommunication around the launch and Twitter announcement. The mistake I made here was that I should have brought up PAR Group on a more recent strategy call to cement the plans before PAR Group’s launch, instead of after. Based on the most recent strategy discussion about it, PAR Group will be shifted to be called Omen Research Group, to further align the mission of establishing Omen as a thought leader in the prediction market space. Omen Research Group’s mission will be to help Omen achieve its long term mission as being a platform for others to build on, with other prediction markets as partners and Omen users, not competitors.

Current Contributor Proposal


  • 10/1/2021 through 11/30/2021


  • Marketing: Conduct cross-channel marketing for DXdao’s product suite, with a primary focus on Twitter.
  • Social Highlights Program: Monitor Tweets which meet the criteria for the program (tag DXdao or a product’s Twitter), and highlight them where appropriate.
  • Recruitment: When possible, recruit new members to DXdao, and form a team to execute on DXmetaverse.
  • Writing: Work on writing/editing/ideation for various projects and initiatives.
  • Innovation: Come up with new ideas and share business-focused insights on DXdao strategy and initiatives across products.
  • Aqua Branding (future): During my last work period, I agreed to work in the future on Aqua’s long-term branding development, which will be started at an undetermined date in the future - see this post for some of my preliminary thoughts about this.

Compensation - Previous work period:

  • For my work I’ve completed and not yet been compensated for, I will be requesting: (CALCULATIONS: $6,000 X 0.9 = $5,400 0.1667% X 0.9 = 0.15% REP. 1,672,860.91 REP total X 0.0015 = 2,509.3 REP $4,000*0.9 = $3,600 DXD $3,600/523.77 = 6.873 plus $3272.40 of DXD from last period =13.12 DXD)
    • 5,400 USDC
    • 13.121 DXD based on all-time high price of $523.77 at time of last contributor proposal submission, vested per standard vesting terms
    • 2,509.3 REP
  • See my previous contributor proposal: Caden Rain Worker Proposal which was passed on-chain here: Alchemy | DAOstack

Compensation - 10/1 through 11/30

  • 90% time at Experience Level 3. Standard payment and vesting terms.
  • Applicable Lisbon / travel stipend
  • Reimbursement for incurred web hosting costs

Contributor payout proposal for September’s work is live - should be titled Contributor Payout* Proposal