Budget Planing using GSheets

Hi there, I have a proposal:

Create a Google Sheets doc with the budget for each month, divided into areas, and then, for each area, divided into proposals. The proposals should not exceed the expected income of the month.

We can then keep one sheet (the baseline sheet) protected so that only a few people can edit it (Kate?), and invite genesis members who want to make a proposal to make a copy (branch) of the Baseline sheet and add their changes (while respecting the budget).

This way there will be competing sheets, each with a different budget decomposition and projection over time, and eventually, we could vote on sheets instead of individual proposals.

We can make a soft governance consensus that updates to the Baseline sheet will only be done by Kate after an on-chain proposal to merge another sheet has passed (signal proposal with 0 REP assignation to some user).

Check this video to see how it could look.


@Chocklo @shivgupt @AdrienDLT drawing your attention to this.

This is basically a new voting machine where rather than voting on individual proposals we vote on the budget. I love your action based response Pepo.

Keen to see what others think

Great work @pepo
Indeed this was my intention how to deploy the mechanism / practice for the budget management scheme until we have the tools in alchemy.

Since you already took the initiative and created a prototype( well done !) i’d love to join forces and collaborate on optimizing the process to use this.
(another way is to base it on the competition scheme that should be introduced soon (as @Ezra proposed)

The next missing part will be to form budgeting and proposal cycles that define the cadence of when proposals can be submitted, to allow a way to manage it in a transparent way in which the rules of the game are clear, so it’s not based on “first come” basis

@Kate this should not be replacing the actual proposal process, rather help the DAO understand where it stands in terms of budget availability

Nice to hear that you were already at it @Lior! I can share with you the Google Sheet I prepared, but its super simple. Would you mind sending your email on TG@pepoospina?