Bring Mesa.eth back online by voting now!

Hey everyone,

a vote passes immediately as soon as it reaches absolute majority (more than 50% reputation in favor).

This is a call for voting to get an absolute majority, pass this proposal and bring Mesa.eth online as soon as possible.

Mesa.eth is currently not pointing to the trading interface anymore because its resolver contract got changed, and the newly set resolver contract does not have any content hash set…

This proposal will set the previous IPFS content ( which will bring Mesa.eth back online.

Reasons why you should vote now:

  • Bring back Mesa.eth to continue to Gnosis Challenge which could reward the DXdao with more then 200,000 $USD if we win the challenge.

  • Prove that the DXdao is capable of achieving an absolute majority

  • Enable DXD markets on mesa which may be a new venue for DXD traders



This is the proposal:


Almost 51%, maybe we will get there soon.

Has this passed? This link still does not work: Why?

All details can be found here:


Hopefully the url can be corrected soon.
Is this the proposal for such?

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Yes! This is the proposal which will set the newest resolver to mesa.eth