Brainstorming Thread

Thread to be used as an incubation area for nascent proposals.

Post your thoughts on how the ecosystem can best be improved.


Had a couple of concepts that I wanted to throw out there.

  1. Having some of the eth reserves converted to stable assets (minimize potential risk).
  2. Play with the idea of reputation staking increases by providing valuable liquidity or interacting with the DxDao ecosystem.
  3. Focus on becoming a hub for all things defi. Mix.eth is stepping in the right direction. However, if we can somehow become a valuable platform that attracts users, some income can be received by listing new projects. Easy access to all things defi would be wonderful.
  4. We can possibly think about acquiring certain projects/teams and adding them to our ecosystem. The first acquisition through a Dao would be amazing!

I do think that since we’re hitting the $1M funds raised mark (which is unbelievable) we should consider putting up to half of our treasury into DAI or another stablecoin to hedge against a drop in ETH. I think that’s reasonable.

We can be a hub, for sure. I don’t know that we want to put paywalls on potentially good projects. It just sounds like it could get hairy.


Concepts I have seen on the telegram or discord:

  1. Idea: An aggregator for Dao proposals. The aim is to create a platform that links dao proposals and distributes investments proportional to the interest of each respective dao. We can take a small aggregator fee for each project, regardless of investment decision. The goal is to connect daos through a shared proposal pool, allowing for more proposals and efficient management of human resources. It can be thought of as a decentralized talent exchange.
  2. A network coin to incentivize users to stay within the Dxdao ecosystem.
  3. The ability to veto proposals could work as a balance to rep.
  4. Teams within teams, a marketing branch, a development branch, etc. Daoception?
  5. Hedge our risk by purchasing small parts of other daos. Have them do the same, establish network effects and grow together.
  6. Allow a Request for Proposals feature.
  7. Use eth speculative assets to hedge treasury risk.
  8. Penalties for inactive participants.

Many ideas are being asked about in the channels. Glad to see a thriving community.

I have also seen many people participating in work efforts, love it!


How about issuing a stablecoin? If it was branded with the name somehow… “dxUSD”, or something like that, it could also bring attention to dxDAO by the mere act of it circulating. Free advertising.

I had a bit too much info to just add my first set of ideas here, so have a thread link!


You have a great point, we need clear goals and a clear medium to visualize progress.
We cannot count on current devs to bring the project forward forever.


Regarding stablecoins: The idea of a single-collateral MakerDAO fork was discussed a while back.


I too like the idea of a unified suite of defi products.It might be good to make them all work tightly together to avoid the issues seen when multiple defi products are used together to take out flash loans and destabilize the system.