Bounty - UIUX designer for Swapr guild


This proposal is to fund a bounty for Akash to help with the design tasks for Swapr, Zapr and Stackly. For the initial bounty period, we intend to stick to the scope of Zapr as this will establish the fact that we are finding a person that loves building brands, love to solve complex problems and is able to swim through the abundance of information and weed out the unnecessaries.

As a followup to Zapr, there are plenty of small minor improvements to Swapr while we go for minifying Swapr and also for the new dapp Stackly that is in the works.

From Akash:

A Digital Product designer focused on the web/mobile, interaction, modern aesthetics, branding, and design systems. I enjoy creating products that are simple, smart and thrive in the hands of real users.

I have 8 years of experience in design and most recently worked at Polygon as Senior Product Designer.

I also founded Heeko, a creative design and technology company, in late 2019. Our team was fortunate to work with global brands like, Notpot, and Before Heeko, I have worked as a designer in organizations like Wingify, and Synaptic.

I have been also working on a personal project - Atomize, which is an open source Figma Design System for Designers and Developers to create high-quality Web3/Web2 experiences.

We have agreed that this task will be paid out at the end of the bounty period for an amount of 1500 USD. The amount comes from the bounty budget we had presented as part of the Swapr H1 budget.

I will create an onchain proposal to send 1500 USDC to Swapr multisig as part of this proposal.