Bounty: Build a Dune Analytics Dashboard for Omen.eth

This post is about the DXdao’s immediate need for an Omen Dashboard. For the success of Omen, it is imperative to have more insights into the activity on Omen.
In order to do this, the idea is to have the below Bounty to get this built.
With contributions from others, we came up with the below details as a starting Dashboard.

The Bounty Reward seems reasonable to me because this is highly needed. And speed is more important that exact reward.

The good thing is we already have interest from a community member in working on this. But it’s going to take help from a crew of people to help get this done.

Please discuss below, and signal that the community is behind this.


DXdao recently launched Omen, a fully decentralized prediction market platform built on top of Gnosis conditional token framework.

Bounty Description:
Build a production-ready dashboard that the Omen ecosystem can use to discover insights in the existing Omen markets and activity

Bounty Reward:
10 ETH

Participation Rules:
DXdao thinks using Dune Analytics is the most efficient way to build the Dashboard, however DXdao is open to other proposals as well.

Comparison Example:
You can see an example of what a comprehensive dashboard looks like on Dune Analytics - Gnosis Protocol dashboard

Parameters to be included in the Omen Dashboard:

Charts and tables on:

  • Total # of Markets [Created, Active, Resolved]
  • Total USD Liquidity on all markets
  • Total USD Volume on all markets
    • Total USD Liquidity by Market Category
  • Total USD Volume by Market Category
  • Number of markets by Category
  • Total Volume per asset (DAI, OWL, USDC, etc)
  • Total # of Trades
  • Total # of Trades for each Market
  • Total number of unique wallet addresses
  • Total Amount of fees collected
  • Total Amount of fees collected per asset (DAI, OWL, USDC, etc)
  • Ranking of live markets by trading volume (including columns displaying “name of market”, volume of market, 24 hours volume of market, currency of market, total liquidity currently in market)
  • List of wallets providing highest Liquidity
  • List of wallets providing highest Trading Volume
  • List of wallets who created markets with highest Trading Volume
  • List of all curated markets (0x93db90445b76329e9ed96ecd74e76d8fbf2590d8 tokenlist id 4)
  • List of all unverified markets

Submission Deadline: July 20th


I’d love to help with this - I will start on this now


Hello everyone! I’ve built a preliminary dashboard, there’s only one concern that I want to make sure that I’m marking liquidity versus volume properly. I believe I oonly have Volume at this point in time, not yet liquidity. Any pointers on example transactions for providing liquidity would be greatly appreciated. I’ll share some links shortly

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Hello Everyone!
Would love your feedback on this dashboard for Omen that I built today
Things to do:

Total Trades

Total Trades per Market
Total Fees

Would love to talk to everyone to hep make this the best dashboard out there for Omen.


hey, cool somebody else started to, here is what I got so far

feel free to join on keybase to chat if you want to

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Nice! Let’s combine some of them? I’ll also go through and check the other queries thusfar


sure, I am not sure everything being correct, or done in the best way, still trying to completely get the whole interactions between the contracts etc

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Same here! I actually used all general erc20 transfers rather than the dedicated Dune instance for the contracts, so actually really good that we have two approaches here to check data

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the total per market i have as “txs” in the market list view

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Nice Job on the Categories - mine was more focused on the volume that hits the gnosis conditional token contract, so if there were transactions that were peer to peer, they would not be included, not sure if that is covered in your versions right now. I’m also still trying to figure everything out right now haha

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@kwiz32768 I just added a “autorefresh” to your queries so they run once every 12 hours :slight_smile:

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@kwiz32768 Overall I think our data is pretty close - I have some fuzzy math where I hardcoded price values for cDAI, DAI, etc. b/c of troubles pulling in the price to convert to a USD value, otherwise, our values are pretty close across the board.

that sounds good, feel free to join on keybase for chatting about details :slight_smile:

Sounds good - I’ve added a few of your tables into my version of the dashboard as well - love the donut chart on topics btw!
not sure how to add credit on the individual chart title labels? Will chat with you on keybase shortly.

My keybase seems to be having trouble loading and decrypting messages - in case I miss anything, feel free to ping me here

ok, somethings i am not sure are markets in total:

you went via erc20."ERC20_evt_Transfer fromaddr being \x89023DEb1d9a9a62fF3A5ca8F23Be8d87A576220’
and i went via omen.“FPMMDeterministicFactory_evt_FixedProductMarketMakerCreation”

not sure what the reason is for different values, but it also affects almost all other charts

see this as example:

count(distinct contract_address)
FROM erc20.“ERC20_evt_Transfer” e
WHERE e.from = ‘\x89023DEb1d9a9a62fF3A5ca8F23Be8d87A576220’
SELECT count(*)
FROM omen.“FPMMDeterministicFactory_evt_FixedProductMarketMakerCreation”


Also check out the comment in this market:

in reference to your usercount query

I think the liquidity total query is closer to being right now

@koeppelmann Do you have any other comments or suggestions? Would love to close the loop on this dashboard and then start to see if we can find more interesting data to help improve usage

I think the seperation of liquidity providing and other transactions is still not correct
I think it would be best to work on a query per market to compare with the values on the website.

especially this view:

Ranking of live markets by trading volume (including columns displaying “name of market”, volume of market, 24 hours volume of market, currency of market, total liquidity currently in market)

I have this query:

which shows als markets and number of transactions, but it it is total volume. Struggling a bit to find a solution to extract liquidity movements.
If that gets solved based from here most other requested views can be done quite effortlessly.