Borisblock — Contributor Proposal [07/11/21 - 07/01/22]


I’ve been contributing as a part time marketing designer for 4 months now, working on a range of different design related tasks for DXdao projects. I worked closely with @Zett and @KeenanL throughout these months and I’m really happy with what we achieved so far. I also wanted to highlight a recent beer label design that I worked on with @fluidDrop, It was fun, I never did something like this. I also just want to give a shoutout to @Melanie for being super supportive.

As i’m getting more and more involved in all things DXdao it became very obvious that i should stop ‘testing the waters’ already and it’s time to go full-time. I believe that it will help me be more initiative and create more tasks for myself, as well as will open more possibilities for growth.


07/11/2021 - 07/01/2022

Proposed scope of contribution:

  • Carrot media and UI design
  • Branding for DXdao projects
  • POAP design
  • Social media banners
  • Other DXdao product media
  • Improve on overall Initiativity

Previous period Self-Reflection (from this post)

September started with a launch of Swapr on Arbitrum, $SWPR airdrop and farming campaigns so there was plenty of design work to do. Then, I was focusing on preparation for the Lisbon blockchain week… Zett and I did a few design sessions in order for the swag to be ready in time. Wish i was able to join our team in Lisbon, but maybe next time. In the middle of October I finally started working on Carrot, the project that I was originally invited to DXdao to work on. Did an introduction briefing with @luzzifoss, really excited for Carrot to go live!

To sum all of the above here is a list of projects I was engaged in:

  • Images for Swapr Medium articles
  • Swapr social media banners
  • DXdao merch for conference
  • DXdao beer label and a POAP
  • Partnership banners
  • Carrot UI images
  • Carrot announcement banners
  • Images for DXdao discord


  • Experience Level 3
  • Time commitment - Full-time
  • $12,000 (DAI) ($6,000 * 2 months), to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment proposal
  • $8,000 (DXD) ($4,000 * 2 months) Vested for 2 years with a 1-year cliff
  • 5,213.2 REP (2,606.6 * 2 months), to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment proposal.

Work Experience:

  1. Previous proposals:

  2. Link that contains most of my previous design work:

  3. Skills:

    • Graphic Design
    • Motion Design
    • UI Design

The proposal is live! With slight changes in REP (can’t edit original post)

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A retrospective

My first full time contributor proposal period at DXdao is ending, here is a retrospective and a scope of work that was done.

This period’s main goal was to take more initiative and I feel that I’m moving in the right direction. Firstly, I would like to highlight my work on the Swapr Ad banner. When I first started working on the Swapr Ad banner I could just make it into animated gif, but that’s not very optimal because the file size limit is 300kb only. Gif banners usually have low image quality to save on file size. Decided to go with html5 animation for better quality, so I learned how to create animation in html5 and was very happy with the results. Next, when the holiday season started, it was a good opportunity to propose a little initiative - festive social media profile pictures for DXdao, Swapr and Carrot. Really glad that the idea was warmly received, more so it even followed by turning the designs into POAPs. Still wanted to add a little twist to them. I’ve seen a few animated POAPs, but I didn’t know how they were made. Did a little research and learned a new technique to apply it into holiday POAPs. Yes, those are relatively small initiatives, but as a designer I consider them as a nice start.

Here is a list of projects I was engaged in:

  • DXgov social media/medium banners
  • Swapr social media/medium banners
  • DXdao social media/medium banners
  • Carrot POAP design
  • Holiday social media images
  • Holiday POAP design
  • Swapr Ad banner

A link to figma that contains most of my work.