Borisblock — Contributor Proposal [07/05/22 - 07/07/22]

I would love to continue my contribution as a marketing designer. With our new Creative director joining us full time I’ll be mostly working with him. We have regular calls to chat about our tasks and already have lots of exciting plans. As I mentioned in my retro from my previous period I was finally able to relocate, thanks everyone for your support, really appreciate it. And now I’m even more motivated to contribute and bring value to our DAO. Will focus more on time management, improving overall involvement and online presence in the chats.


07/05/2022 - 07/07/2022

Proposed scope of contribution:

  • Carrot media and UI design
  • Branding for DXdao projects
  • POAP design
  • Social media banners
  • Jolt
  • DXstats
  • Other DXdao product media


Experience Level 4

  • Time commitment - Full-time
  • $12,000 (DAI) ($6,000 * 2 months), to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment proposal
  • $8,000 (DXD) ($4,000 * 2 months) Vested for 3 years with a 1-year cliff
  • 4161.2 REP (2,080.6 * 2 months), to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment proposal.

Work Experience:

  1. Previous proposals:
  1. Link that contains most of my previous design work:
  1. Skills:
  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Design
  • UI Design


Here is a retrospective and a scope of work that was done in my latest contributor period.

The things I would like to highlight:

  1. Operation decentralization branding
    Worked closely with @KeenanL and on this one. Did quite a few iterations, but I’m happy with the final results. Excited for the launch :grin:

  2. DXstats
    Redesign of Swapr analytics page, lots of updates getting ready for development, work in progress.

  3. Infinite Hackathon
    Supporting on hackathon related graphic material.


What went well:

  • Productivity is finally improving
  • Learned more deeply about UI related stuff (variants, components, etc)
  • Added experiments with animation to my routine

What could be improved:

  • Task related communication
  • Collecting feedback on my work
  • After hours availability for urgent things
  • Participation in DAO governance and calls

Overall I took 5 days off, that can be combined into 1 full week, so I will deduct 25% off my second half of compensation:
Experience Level 4

  • Time commitment - 75%
  • $4,500
  • $3,000 in DXD vested for 3 years with a 1-year cliff
  • 1560.45 REP

Here is a list of projects I was engaged in:

  • Operation Decentralization
  • DXstats
  • Infinite Hackathon
  • Swapr / DXdao / Carrot social media banners and other graphics
  • Swag
  • Jolt