BizDev Worker Proposal 03/16/21 - 03/30/21

Hello, everyone! :wave:
This is Nathan /aka Arhat/. I’ve worked tirelessly for years. So far, in my fifteen-year career as a business developer I haven’t taken a single day off work. I’ve always had a passion for everything I do and when you fall in love with what you do, it just doesn’t feel like work. After a few attempts, my proper venture into the world of business began in a startup that my colleagues and I helped grow from only 5 of us to a multi-continental team of over 3000, in just 3 years time. I had the honor to train, enable and motivate a sales force of 150 people and also teach them how to manage themselves. But although I was single-handedly responsible for signing contracts worth millions, neither I nor my colleagues felt respected, it was a private company and the owners felt entitled to it all. I’ve also worked for Silicon Valley unicorns that got listed on the NY stock exchange, I’ve worked for private equity billionaires, expanding their businesses on entire new continents, but after I left the big city and the corporate jungle, I had nothing to show for it.
The future is in DAOs! As in, we will have a future if we transition to DAOs sooner rather than later. The idea of it dawned on me well before there was ‘crypto’, and I did try to find people to inspire and with whom I could share my dream, alas it was too early. Even though I failed personally, I have always enthusiastically kept a close eye on the growth of the DLT ecosystem and I’ve met great friends, so I can call crypto my neck of the woods. I am a truly open-minded people’s person. In the suit of a business developer I enjoy myself in the role of a matchmaker. I try to observe a business from all viewpoints, analyse it and find ways to apply my skills, in order to help it efficiently explore new avenues, seize the right opporutinities and grow. I’ve consulted and helped businesses get off the ground, and those are successful and thriving to this day. I have helped them build their products, find new clients, develop their own ecommerce platforms from scratch and run engaging and profitable marketing campaigns on social media: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
I have the warm feeling that I have found my family with dxDAO. It is my honor to be a part of this amazing team and I will give my absolute best to apply everything I know, in order for dxDAO to be the success it deserves. Yes We Can! ;} :four_leaf_clover:
Nathan :kissing_heart: