BizDev Meeting - 3rd August, 2020

Meeting date: MONDAY, August 3rd 2020
CEST (Berlin): 5:00pm
Buenos Aires: 12:00pm
New York: 11:00am
Houston: 10:00am
Denver: 9:00am
San Francisco: 8:00am
Meeting link:


  1. Omen content
  2. DXswap
  3. Mesa DIA fork
  4. Mix
  • Create separate contracts for child-daos to create focused task groups for DXdao’s products
  • Proposed DXD-to-LP distribution options
  • The DIA fork of Mesa and the lack of correspondence with the DXdao lends to a resistant stance for listing it on Mesa.
  • 3 content pieces for Omen currently in the works.

To responce in:

DXD-to-LP distribution options


  • How will this affect the price of DXD? How much of farmed assets are sold?

If DXD will be a core token of all Dxdao products as it should, with clear vision, voting right, revenue stream, DXD value will grow as LP providers will have clear vision of dxd role in this ecosystem and want keep dxd as they want to own piece of this ecosystem If we will have rep token, value of DXD can not be recognized in full potential, no new investors will come and trust in dxdao will be lost as they will be not confidence in future of they investments. As rep will be core who will decide everything and own all dxdao products. If we want to keep and grow dxd value we must be sure that holders of dxd are 100% sure that they are owners of all dxdao products. In this case value will grow, Like we saw with defi gov tokens.

Do you know real buying weekly volume for dxd ? How will you protect earlier supporters who send you ETH and now be dumped by LP providers as there is almost no buy wall on the market for dxd.

First create clear value around DXD after offer it to LP providers otherwise its not fair from Dxdao side to do this with earlier supporters.

I generally agree with the ideas that DXD should have a clear value proposition and have voting rights and have the ability to protect their interests. The current set up is that new REP is earned and REP has the governance power. DXD is bought and has the financial rights. REP actually came first and DXD is a more recent addition. I think it is a good thing for governance that participants can earn their voting power by adding value and showing commitment to the DAO and I don’t think it makes sense to just get rid of REP. I do think something needs to be done to bring the two closer together. In the short term I think that will mean giving DXD holders voting power as well. In the longer term, maybe some other pattern will emerge. Maybe something like voting power is proportional to having both reputation from adding value to DXdao and stake in the system through holding DXD.

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In that mindset of “crypto collective”, I’d say that you reward members with REP&DXD . Ideally, the two are together. If a member needs cash, they could sell the DXD on the market giving outside investors a passive way to share in the profits. Clearly labeling it as defacto preference shares w/out voting power (would always trade like a dog due to valuation discount).

But I don’t get the feeling DXD is a prominent feature in the compensation package. I looked into the worker’s compensation guideline but couldn’t really figure out in how far DXD is part of that. I had the feeling most members are ETH-maxis and prefer to hold that over DXD.

Btw - in what scenario can members get stripped of the REPs?

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Need send DXD to REP and delete this REP forever. In future, community will vote with 0x addresses.

:man_student: Dxdao will calculate amount of DXD on each 0x address for fair voting power
and for fair revenue distribution.

This will drive value for all Dxdao, this will attract huge investors and new community members as supporters.

Liquidity providers will be stimulated to hold, investors to invest and earlier contributors (rep) to contribute as they contributed before, plus who will contribute in future, will be rewarded with more DXD.

:fist:More you care about Dxdao future, more Initiatives you will have to hold more DXD.

:sparkles: Simple, Elegant, Fair and Clean resolution.