BizDev & Marketing Worker Compensation for July & August 2020


Management of Mesa and Omen telegram groups (which I created):

225 users
325 users

Social Media Management for DXdao, Omen, Mesa channels. This included daily monitoring of mentions, content pieces about these products, and about 50 tweets in the last 28 days. Routed user feedback from Omen & Mesa’s Twitter to their respective support groups, often with issues created in github. Coordinated with designers to have banners for each channel.

Created Twitter bot for Omen to automate posts of its tweets to the Omen telegram group.

DXdao Bounty Billboard -

DXdao Brand and Governance

Omen Future Updates

Omen Liquidity Provision Guidelines

Omen Explainer Video - Walkthrough and video sent to Beth from Gnosis to then add narration and graphics.

Mesa IDO Guidelines for Approaching the DXdao: (Currently in draft)

Mesa IDO Lead List -

Personally brought in most of these leads. Aluna Social has a soft consensus to be ratified to Mesa with the understanding that they would provide a liquidity pool on DXswap.

Brought in as a potential Governance as a Service client.

DAO Rush Week Presentation -
(intro slide for the kickoff event)

DAO Rush Week is a week of DAO-related online meetup events where DAOs share who they are, what their mission is, and how to get involved. I have created an event for September 1st called DXdao: The Fork Awakens, where we will share again about DXdao’s formation and progress. There will also be some slides on DXswap, with a CTA for more developers.

Per the ratified proposal

I am requesting the 2nd half of compensation, which includes: $5000 paid in ETH, and .25% REP.

Let me know what you think of my work and comments on what could use assistance/improvement.


Nice work :+1:

Mesa is on the right track!

When Omen will have solved his problem due to the gas cost, we will have to try to be more aggressive on social networks.