Bitfwd's endorsed Gitcoing grant list, Sofia's support squad!

GenDAO support squad - and experiment

Proposing to fund Genesis on behalf of bitfwd!

Bitfwd would like to gather a task force of donators to selected list of Gitcoin grants. As some of you may know, the mechanism by which Gitcoin CLR matching works is that the more unique donations the higher the match per $ value donated. We therefore would like to gather as many GenDAOists as possible to join on our mission and support those awesome teams


Vote “For” only if you’re like to help

Sofia (Alchemy,Twitter, Telegram) will transfer $Sai into GenDAO’s wallet in the the sum of:

N(For) x N(Listed grants) x 1.1

N(For) = number of “For” votes

N(Listed Grants) = Number of grants on the list

1.1 is a factor to give Genesis a 10% tip on providing the community the social and economical environment

*This campaign will be capped at 200 $Sai

Once you’ve donated to all campaigns you can claim back the $Sai you’ve spent + any gas fees incurred by submitting a proposal to GenDAO, shall we give it a try?

Lets revive Genesis :wink:

To get the list join the bitfwd Telegram on

Support good people and let the Gitcoin go brrrr
:ballot_box::fast_forward: :printer::money_mouth_face: