Binding stackeholders to the DAO

The straightforward use case is a group of people that sets out to achieve a goal and organizes in a DAO, for example a social or political group.

If this is a political movement, at one point the DAO could select representatives to become part of the outside world politics, for example a member of parliament. Let’s say the DAO is successful and its rep is elected for office.

Now the problem. Elected officials, for example MPs, have power and prestige outside of the DAO. They could use this power to make sure they can get elected without the DAO, and then vote against the DAO’s goals.

How do you stop this from happening?

A seemingly simple solution is to sign the representatives to a legal contract, forcing them to resign if the DAO decides to remove them. But this may not hold in the country’s legal system.

Another possible solution is to make representatives put a large sum of money in an escrow. But this stops people without enough money from becoming representatives.

Is this problem solvable?

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