Bejzik’s Contributor Proposals #1 & #2

Bejzik’s Contributor Proposals #1 & #2

Pre-Trial (50/50) - 09th September, 2022 - 22nd September, 2022

Trial (80%) - 23rd September, 2022 - 22nd November, 2022


I guess some of you are not familiar with my hiring / onboarding process, I will be detailed in order to give you proper context for the story as I find it important sadly, considering everything that is happening at the moment…

Here’s the link to my introduction on the Introductions channel of dxDAO’s Keybase which covers my technical background, the reason why I decided to switch to this space, contributing to dxDAO, my career goals and my aspirations going into the future.


After my introduction, I’ve spent more than 5 hours talking to Violet, Diogo, Berteotti, Zett, Venky, Adam, Augusto and Melanie (multiple calls with some of them); we’ve covered my personality, technical background, leadership skills, fit for dxDAO, contribution role, etc. As I was explained, dxDAO was experiencing hard times and was going through the restructuring process because of what was happening at that time. Because of that we’ve had some pushbacks, indecisiveness and ambiguity about my role; people were questioning my expertise as the plan was to onboard me to the front-end lead position on Swapr.

At the end, on of the calls dxDAO decided that I should be initially onboarded to Nimi to get a chance to prove myself, show my skills, get proper technical evaluation and during that two weeks period (pre-trial) dxDAO (squad leaders) will try to find the best fit for me and later allocate me on one of dxDAO’s projects to the role appropriate to my leadership / technical skills.

Proposal #1 - “Pre-Trial (50/50)”: 09th September, 2022 - 22nd September, 2022

Proposed Scope of Contribution

I got three tasks which were UI / animation heavy because I have claimed that I have experience with the animations:

  • Task #1: Create Configure POAPs Modal with all necessary sub-components add animations

  • Task #2: Refactor form inputs and introduce proper reordering functionality

  • Task #3: Update Nimi data models according to the updates and future features.


Here are my pull requests to Nimi’s Card and App repositories for that period:


After my pre-trial period, I was informed that I finished it successfully in the timeframe that was given to me and that I pleased “squad leaders”. It was decided on the developer’s planning call where my work was presented and evaluated and dxDAO decided that I should move on and continue the collaboration. As dxDAO still wasn’t clear about the needs of the projects and where I should be onboarded, I was informed that I should stay and work on Nimi until I’m informed differently.

Proposal #2 - “Trial (80%)”: 23rd September, 2022 - 22nd November, 2022

For the current, ongoing period of two months it is decided that I will work on Swapr and Nimi.


Prior to Devcon, Nimi team decided to introduce templating / theming features to the application and that required many changes. It was of great importance to finish that as soon as possible because it was supposed to be ready for the Devcon. As I have experience with those things, and I was already familiar with the project and the team, I started working on it. Since Devcon was approaching, we were working over an hour to complete everything on time. During that time, I was invited to come to Bogota because it would be a great opportunity to meet the team and attend the Devcon. I was thinking for some time, I had a call with Violet, Zett and Melanie to clarify the details and decided to come as it would benefit both dxDAO and me to meet each other.

Proposed Scope of Contribution

I got my next tasks:

  • Update application structure which will support templating / theming

  • Create Nimi at Devcon theme before Devcon

  • Create Nimi at Raave theme

  • Create Nimi at Infinite Hackathon theme

  • Create Nimi at Daivinity theme

  • Refactor Nimi’s Architecture.


Here are my pull requests to Nimi’s Card and App repositories for that period:


After my pre-trial period, it was decided that I should be onboarded to Swapr as my main project. Plan was to get familiar with it, introduce myself to the codebase, meet the team, start contributing, to take the front-end leadership position after some time and to give more structure to the project, organize the team in order to increase productivity and work experience, write the documentation, componentize the application, make it more maintainable, etc.

I started by researching what Swapr is doing, I got an introduction to the application by multiple team members. I was reading about the concepts Swapr implements, I was exploring the packages which are used on the project in order to get a thorough understanding of the project. I cloned the project and started to explore the code to see what principles are being used and to understand which approach is taken when writing React. I started attending the calls and got my assignments, too.

Proposed Scope of Contribution

I got my tasks, had to update the Transactions Table and to give a smooth animation to it. After thorough investigation, I came to the conclusion that there’s more to it rather than just a UI update. I saw that we need to update the logic, fetching and Redux, too. I communicated this with the team on our developer calls and I am waiting for my last PR to be merged.


Here are my pull requests to Swapr for that period:


Considering my performance, quality of my output, my expertise in the field and thoroughness I bring, I identify myself as a level 6 contributor but I was advised to submit my first, 80% proposal one level below, so level 5 it is. As per Contributor Compensation Guidelines, I propose myself getting compensated with:

  • 0.3084% REP (0.1667% REP x RATE)*

  • $12.950 in xDAI ($7.000 x RATE)*

  • $9.250 in DXD ($5.000 x RATE)*.

RATE = .5 * .5 + 2 * .8 = 1.85

P.S. I guess some of you might have a questions regarding my proposals and why I didn’t ask to get paid upfront:

On my onboarding calls with Augusto and Adam, because of the situation dxDAO was experiencing, the ongoing restructuring and the whole suspicion thing, I said that I don’t want to get any money before I finish the job successfully. I also believe that the current payment model should be rethought in order to protect dxDAO’s interests. IMHO, streamed payments is the best solution for this specific thing as it provides the security and is “fair solution” both for dxDAO and the contributors.


And a very good job was done during a hard time in dxdao, It is great to see that you stood up to the circumstances, adapted, and delivered good code.

I think it is great that you find your place in the swapr squad, I’m very excited about all the things we have planned regarding swapr development, for me it is one of the most important or maybe the most important product in dxdao and we need strong technical dapps developers like you have proven to be.

This proposal has my full support, I look forward to seeing more of your work on swapr from now on.


Thanks a lot Augusto! :pray:

I’ve said this to you in person but I want to say this again and give you a public praise: I am very grateful for everything that you’ve done for me, you’ve been very supportive all the time throughout my interaction with dxDAo.

I appreciate it!