Bejzik’s Contributor Proposal #5

Proposal #5: 1st January, 2023 - 28th February, 2023

Summary :page_with_curl:

Greetings dxDAO,

As part of dxDAO’s incubation of Nimi, I am actively collaborating with the Nimi team and contributing to the project. I am addressing the DAO regarding the compensation for the work I’ve done, I am doing and will do in the stated period.

Background :bust_in_silhouette:

Here’s the link to my introduction on the Introductions channel of dxDAO’s Keybase which covers my technical background, the reason why I decided to switch to this space, contributing to dxDAO, my career goals and my aspirations going into the future.


My previous work for dxDAO:

Proposed Scope of Contribution :computer:

As previously stated by the Nimi team, all of the repositories are closed to the public and not able to be seen by everyone. At the moment, I am working on improving Nimi’s structure and creating a new interface which would allow claiming “you’ve met _” POAPs on the conferences. I will submit detailed feedback about the things that are done in the stated time frame at the end of the period.

Compensation :moneybag:

40% of my full-time contribution in dxDAO is allocated to Nimi’s incubation and considering my performance, quality of my output, my expertise in the field and thoroughness I bring, I identify myself as a level 6 contributor and propose myself getting compensated with:

  • 0.1334% REP (0.1667% REP x RATE)*
  • $6.400 in xDAI ($8.000 x RATE)*
  • $4.800 in DXD ($6.000 x RATE)*.

RATE = .8


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