Bejzik’s Contributor Proposal #3

Proposal #3: 23th November, 2022 - 31st December, 2022


Here’s the link to my introduction on the Introductions channel of dxDAO’s Keybase which covers my technical background, the reason why I decided to switch to this space, contributing to dxDAO, my career goals and my aspirations going into the future.


My previous work for dxDAO:

I am submitting my proposal up to 31st December 2022 with incomplete 2 months as we’re transitioning to the guilds structure from 1st January 2023. I am actively contributing to Swapr and Nimi’s incubation.


Scope of Contribution

For the stated period I was mostly focused on working on Advanced Trading View part of the application. I also was actively reviewing pull requests, as well. I got my next big task, I will work on creating a new one, Swap Box 2.0 from scratch. I’ve done a research about it, tried to prepare myself for it, I checked other examples and in order to understand the details of the implementation and recognise the pitfalls of it because it was described as an extremely important task. Besides this I also got a few smaller tasks but I will be focused mostly on this one.


Here are my pull requests to Swapr repository for the previous period:


Scope of Contribution

For the stated period I have been focused on improving Nimi’s structure, stability, readability, maintainability and scalability in order to create good foundations for all of the incoming features that are planned to be added in the next few months.


Here are my pull requests to Nimi’s Card and App repositories for the previous period:


  • 0.2134% REP (0.1667% REP x RATE)*
  • $10.240 in xDAI ($8.000 x RATE)*
  • $7.680 in DXD ($6.000 x RATE)*.

RATE = 1.28


Hey Mirko, what does the 1.28 rate mean?

A rate of 1.2 has been indicated in your proposal to Swapr Guild

1.28 months, part of November and December.