Backing up DAOTalk to Arweave

In this week’s BizDev call, a concern over the reliance on DAOtalk was raised and that in the event of DAOtalk going down, a lot of history and coordination ability for DAOtalk would be lost.

DAOtalk is currently centrally hosted and there is no apparent decentralized solution available that the participants of the call on Monday were aware of.

I have therefore suggested to use Arweave for its ability to pay once and store forever. Arweave is building the permaweb and is perfectly suited to store documents and files in a decentralized way over a very long time horizon. They are already cooperating with to back up their database every other week on Arweave.

I see the two following ways how this could work out and it would be great to discuss them further with the community:

  1. Back up database on a weekly basis to Arweave
  2. Implement permanence directly into DAOtalk / Discourse and store every post/comment immediately on Arweave the moment they are created

Storage on Arweave has to be paid for in AR, but the costs are only around $5/GB iirc. I have furthermore invited Sebastian (COO) from Arweave to join next weeks BizDev call to further answer the questions of the community.


Hey everyone!

We’re super excited over at Arweave to join this conversation! I definitely think that we can support the DAOTalk community in a few different ways. In the call, I’ll be joined by Cedrik Boudreau, our Developer Advocate and all-around amazing resource to discuss how Arweave can help DAOTalk secure and decentralise its content storage.

In order to get the ball rolling and give everyone some background info, here is a very brief overview of a few scenarios:

  1. The easiest option is setting up a regular backup for DAOTalk - with this, at regular intervals, everything new that’s been uploaded to DAOTalk during that period gets written to the permaweb.

  2. The second option is mirroring DAOTalk in real-time. It’s very easy to integrate code so that every new write action to DAOTalk results in that action getting written to Arweave as a transaction. That way, you wouldn’t potentially lose a week’s worth of content if the site goes down.

  3. The third option is direct integration with Arweave. Everything would get written onto the permaweb. The best example of this comes from CommunityXYZ ([]), which is a profit sharing community hub run by Cedrik. A proper explanation for this option would have to be more technically in-depth, and Cedrik will be on hand during this week’s BizDev call to cover the nuts and bolts.

Hope this is helpful! If you want to learn more about what we’re working on, you can find us on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

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