Automatic GEN reward to proposals that pass

I always strongly believed that the success of the Genesis DAO is tightly coupled with the success of DAOstack. Another strong relationship belief I hold is that the success of DAOstack is strongly linked to the success of its token, and vice versa.

Added to that the mission of Genesis DAO 1.0 “to expand the DAO ecosystem through DAOstack adoption and the increasing utility of the GEN token” reinforces that original hypothesis.

One common way projects attempt to raise a token value is to do a massive airdrop, typically to every wallet holding ETH & proportionally to the ETH held. But what’s the use if those people don’t care? And if some of the wallet holders lost their keys? What if people getting a significant amount decide to dump the airdroped token? Etc.

What I propose is a sort of airdrop based on contribution made. Simply put: a default minimum airdrop to any proposal that passes (5 bucks worth of GEN), then a proportional airdrop of 2.5% if the requested funds are above 200 bucks & finally have a capped amount (25 bucks worth of GEN).

In this case I use “airdrop” to use a familiar term, but it is simply an additional contribution reward coming from the DAO wallet itself.

A few examples, proposal asking:

  • 100 DAI --> you get 5 bucks of GEN
  • 150 DAI --> you get 5 bucks of GEN
  • 400 DAI --> you get 10 bucks of GEN
  • 600 DAI --> you get 15 bucks of GEN
  • 1000 DAI --> you get 25 bucks of GEN
  • 1250 DAI --> you get 25 bucks of GEN

Intended consequences of this strategy:

  • Added incentive to create proposals, even if the reward is low (i.e. asking for Rep only)
  • The most active participants accumulate GENs
  • More staking activity
  • Foster cross-DAO activity if such strategy is implemented on other DAOs running on DAOstack, i.e. if implemented in DHack, more devs coming from there to Gendao

p.s. I didn’t dive into the “hows” re. calculation of the 2.5%, but essentially it can be done using KyberSwap’s services

p.p.s. I’ve asked for an estimation from dOrg on


Calculating this on-chain is something that I don’t think should be done. Reason being is that the DAO could hold any number of tokens, and they’d be valued at different USD amounts, and fetching that amount would be problematic for a few reasons. Anyway, I think this can be done at the social level and supported by Alchemy.

Maybe in the ContributionReward proposal form, when a user enters an amount they’re asking for, a notification shows up saying something along the lines of “You’re asking for ~$X in reward, consider asking for some GEN as well!”. This would probably be special purpose for the GenDAO.

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The calculation did seem like the trickiest part. I guess that solving this would mean some very long discussions & back-and-forth before getting to a stable solution. For the record, we could also use web2 services such as or

I guess that’s the quickest solution to go forward with.

We should be careful in adding more “soft governance” (aka social level rules) as the more we add the higher the entry barrier for anyone joining Genesis DAO. This “number of soft governance rules” topic may need its very own thread as it’s getting difficult to keep track of them.

Agreed, this was the thought behind this proposal, a generalized framework for a DAO to opt into “norm detectors” that run client side: