AugustoL Mainnet/GnosisChain REP Sync

I havent been claiming my REP for a long time, I talked with @allyq if she can help me figure out how much do I have to ask in mainnet and gnosis chain by seeing she help Federico in his REP sync Mainnet REP sync - luzzifoss.

Here is a link to the spreadsheet showing the calculations: Augusto REP - Google Sheets

REP AFTER 2/21: Requested on gnosis?
3/21 1278 Yes
4/21 2545 Yes
5/21 ^ Yes
6/21 no proposal -
7/21 2545 Yes
8/21 ^ Yes
9/21 2766.8533 No
10/21 2766.8533 No
11/21 1840.5151 No
12/21 1840.5151 No
1/22 1840.5151 No
2/22 not requesting -
3/22 1928.9549 no
4/22 1928.9549 no
5/22 1928.9549 no
6/22 2011.8974 no
7/22 2011.8974 no
8/22 2011.8974 no
Total yet to be requested on chain: 22,877.8088
Total to sync to mainnet: 29,245.8088

Going to create a proposal on mainnet and gnosis chain to sync my rep on Thursday or Friday.


Right now there is a total rep of 2082822 on mainnet, if I claim all my rep I go over the 4% limit. I am going to claim till 6/22 on mainnet which is 25223 REP. My actual rep on mainnet is 59982

With the mint of 25223 REP I end up with (59982+25223)/(2082822+25223) = 0.0404 (4.04%)

There is an extra 0.04 % over the limit but with more rep minted this will get very close and even under the limit very soon.

With the mint of 22877 on REP on gnosis chain I end up with (42671+22877)/(1782804+22877) = 0.0363 (3.63%)

The number of REP you have on Mainnet should be the same number of REP that you have on Gnosis Chain.

You are correctly using Total Mainnet REP as the basis. But then take the total number and use that total number for Gnosis Chain.

Also, I think you should ONLY go up to 4%, not over 4% on Mainnet. The rule is a hard rule that has been agreed by social consensus. Just reduce the total Mainnet REP to equal 4%.


Yes, I thought it wasnt that bad to be a bit off, now with the REP that will be minted to Fede (41711 REP) on this proposal im already under the 4% limit. So by the time my proposal executes it would be under 4%.

(59982+25223)/(2082822+41711+25223) = 0.0396.

About the amount sync, I thought it was ok to have different amount cause in gnosis chain there is less REP supply, then there REP left to mint in gnosis chain. Going to check that later, for now I think I can let both proposal pass, REP on mainnet would be under the 4% limit and rep on gnosis chain would be 3.63%.