AugustoL Contributor Proposal #5


Hola a todos, I have been contributing to DXdao since 05/2020, first I started helping dxtrust (aka bonding curve dapp) development, then I started working and experimenting on other governance/security initiatives and after that I moved to the dxswap project (what is swpr now) doing the fork of uniswap v2 and adding the extra features dxdao wanted to add, after that the swpr team was formed and they took over the dapp development.
After swpr I started with the development and research of dxvote, that is now our own governance dapp.
Dxvote was deployed in mainnet and xdai on 09/20 after being working on it for several months, after that I helped in the organization of the gov dev squad, a group of developers that took over dxvote development.
DXvote is used now as the technical playground and foundation for our governance application.

This is my fifth contribution proposal and it will be focused on working on dxdao-contracts smart contracts and help on dxvote migration to new UI/UX.


From 01/03/2022 to 31/05/2022.

Three months, but I am going to request two months payment (like working at 2/3 capacity), since I need to have free time to take care of the house I am building and have some adventures in between. I will be working mostly from Monday to Thursday.

Proposed Scope of Contribution



Contributor Level: 8

  • DAI : 18000 USD.
  • DXD: 19000 USD vested for 3 years with a 1 year cliff starting the 01/03/2022.
  • REP: 0.16% at based on latest REP supply on mainnet at the moment of submitting the worker payment.

Work Validation

All or most of this goals should be accomplished.

  • DXdao-contracts v1.1 released.
  • DXvote would have a new UI/UX.
  • DXvote should be ready to integrate the audited WalletSchemes and DXDVotingMachine.
  • DXvote should have voting signatures integrated and being used in guilds and DXDVotingMachine.
  • An approved proposal including dates for the DXdao hackathon and retreat in Bogota including initial payment to organizers/facilitators.

About the hackathon and retreat Im already in touch with a company that can organize both events, they have plenty of experience in this area and I know they would do a great job, the idea here is to kickstart the organization efforts and then connect them with the contributorUX/Events department of DXdao.

Personally this is something im very excited to do in dxdao, I had the chance to organize a hackathon in the past and it was and awesome experience, I have faith that if DXdao allows me to take a technical leadership role on the organization of the event we can do and awesome event, have fun and hack hard.

Work Experience

Proposal Amendment

I completely forgot about February in my previous worker proposal, I was travelling the whole month in the US, mainly to attend ETHDenver.
I am going to create a worker proposal for half a month (two weeks) of work, that would include my time in ETHDenver and other working days. I wont ask for vested DXD and REP, just half of a month salary for level 8 (4500 USD). If it pass, it pass, and if not I will create other one with a lower amount, but I think that not receiving vested DXD and REP is enough as “punishment” for submitting the payment request late.


I think it would also make sense to ask for the REP and DXD since you were working then and it’s a matter of catching up on the proposals.


Hi, Augusto! I agree with John, and it looks like others do so as well. You don’t need to punish yourself that much. You were only a little late in submitting your last proposal after all, you’ve done nothing bad. You’re too harsh on yourself to forego all vested DXD and REP for the period. I downvoted the current live proposal. You can share your opinion whether you’re happy to ask for DXD and REP, and either submit a new one to include all, or pass this one, and submit an additional for the rest.


Gracias! but dont downvote it then!! I can submit other proposal requesting the DXD and REP later.


I got you @AugustoL.

I also agree that you’ve earned the DXD & REP, but Caney Fork voted for this proposal!


Payout proposal created dxvote.eth

Im going to submit a proposal for my next contributor proposal this week.