AugustoL Contribution Work Proposal #4


Hola a todos, I have been contributing to DXdao since 05/2020, first I started helping dxtrust (aka bonding curve dapp) development, then I started working and experimenting on other governance/security initiatives and after that I moved to the dxswap project (what is swpr now) doing the fork of uniswap v2 and adding the extra features dxdao wanted to add, after that the swpr team was formed and they took over the dapp development.
After swpr I started with the development and research of dxvote, that is now our own governance dapp.
Dxvote was deployed in mainnet and xdai on 09/20 after being working on it for several months, after that I helped in the organization of the gov dev squad, a group of developers that took over dxvote development.
DXvote is used now as the technical playground and foundation for our governance application.

My fourth and next contribution proposal would be focused on working on ERC20Guilds smart contracts, integrate our community other projects on the use of ERC20Guilds and off chain signature voting.


From 01/11/2021 to 31/01/21.

Three months, but Im going to request two months payment, I will be connected and available between the 15/12 and 15/01 but I will be working mainly form monday to wednesday-thursday. This is why I estimate two months work in three months time.

Proposed Scope of Contribution



  • Fix high priority issues in DXVote dapp when submitted and there is no developer available to work on it.
  • Help dxdao governance and finance if needed and if I am available, I check keybase almost every day. If I am away for few days for and adventure or issue I will let the team now.


Done in AugustoL Contribution Work Proposal #3 - #2 by AugustoL


Experience Level: 5

  • DAI : 16000 USD payed in DAI.To be payed in DXvote on xdai or arbitrum network.
  • DXD: 12000 USD vested for 2 years with a 1 year cliff starting the 01/11/2021.
  • REP: 0.16% at based on latest REP supply on mainnet at the moment of submitting the worker payment.

Work Validation

All or most of this goals should be accomplished.

  • ERC20Guilds smart contracts finished and audited.
  • DXdao-contracts v1.0 released.
  • DXvote should have guilds integrated.
  • DXvote should have voting signatures integrated and being used in guilds and DXDVotingMachine.
  • DXvote should have had contributions from more developers, a good goal would be to have two more solid contributors.

Work Experience


Augusto has been doing amazing work so far on guilds as well as still being around to support the maturing DXgov team and we all greatly appreciate him taking the time to support and continue to educate other developers.