AugustoL Contribution Work Proposal #3


Hola a todos, I have been contributing to DXdao since 05/2020, first I started helping dxtrust (aka bonding curve dapp) development, then I started working and experimenting on other governance/security initiatives and after that I moved to the dxswap project (what is swpr now) doing the fork of uniswap v2 and adding the extra features dxdao wanted to add, after that the swpr team was formed and they took over the dapp development.
After swpr I started with the development and research of dxvote, that is now our own governance dapp.

DXvote is almost ready to be transferred to dxdao governance, and get involved more people in the development and design of the dapp. For now the dapp is being hosted in three different environments. (PROD)
dxvote.eth (STAGING)
dxvote.eth (DEV)

DXvote is working on five networks, Mainnet, Xdai, Rinkeby, Abirtrum Rinkeby and Arbitrum One.

My third contribution proposal will focus on having a final stable version of DXvote, a clear technical path to Gov 2.0 and integrate more developers into the Governance Dev Squad.


From 01/09/2021 to 31/10/21.

Proposed Scope of Contribution


  • Deploy final DXvote in Rinkeby and Arbitrum Rinkeby (DONE)
  • Help to test Swpr deployment in Arbitrum networks in Arbitrum Rinkeby.(DONE)
  • Deploy DXvote in Arbitrum One (DONE).
  • Help Omen team on the OMNGuild planning and development. (DONE, I had few calls and talk with Gero form the omen team)
  • Improve CI scripts in DXvote and deploy in multiple environments for testing. (DONE)
  • Deploy DXvote in ENS (DONE).
  • Improve DXvote data cache, have the data stored and fetch form IPFS. (DONE)
  • Write FAQ for DXvote. (DONE, but needs to be improved)
  • Improve README of DXvote and Contribution process.
  • Create an attack plan for Gov 2.0 on dxvote with technical steps to follow.
  • Improve and document the DXvote maintenance process.
  • Recruit and train more dev soldiers for DXgov Dev Squad.
  • Be the DXvote representative in Lisbon Blockchain week in October.
  • Improve the terms using in the ERC20Guild, make it easier to understand.
  • Help on the OMNGuild and SWPRGuild implementation, ideally only to provide guidance for a good smart contract development from the OMN and SWPR team and code if needed.
  • Help bringing the ERC20Guilds to DXvote.


  • Fix high priority issues in DXVote dapp when submitted.
  • Help dxdao governance and finance if needed and if I am available, I check keybase almost every day. If I am away for few days for and adventure or issue I will let the team now.


This proposal is being submitted with lot work already done. I expect to be working almost full time on September getting everything for October in Lisbon. I have a lot of planning to do and ideas to share with the community regarding the future of DXvote.

I cannot reflect all my work on the current proposal but I was very active during the past month and helping everyone in the dxdao team that needed help, I showed a lot of the work I was doing in the developer call, that is where I have to show myself and prove my work to the community, also did a demo of dxvote in last week weekly call in discord, so I guess it is clear that I have been working a lot, if someone thinks otherwise let me know in the comments.

This is my third contribution proposal and I feel way more conformable than the worker proposals I had in the past, I feel more free to work on things I want to and seems like the things I want to work are the ones that DXdao needs, which is great.


Experience Level: 5

  • DAI : 16000 USD payed in DAI.To be payed in DXvote on xdai or arbitrum network.
  • DXD: 12000 USD vested for 2 years with a 1 year cliff starting the 01/08/2021.
  • REP: 0.16% at based on latest REP supply on mainnet at the moment of submitting the worker payment.

Work Validation

All or most of this goals should be accomplished.

  • DXvote needs to be working in Production, staging and development environments in a secure way.
  • DXvote should have had contributions from more developers, a good goal would be to have two more solid contributors.
  • DXvote was communicated in the Blockchain Lisbon Week in October.
  • The payment of this proposal can be done using Arbitrum network, with proposal templates, deploying DXD and issuing NFT for worker validation using WalletSchemes.
  • DXvote is entirely owned and managed by DXdao.

Work Experience


Ok, a review of the goals I have left to be done:

And about my responsabilities:

It was a hard to be connected with all that happened in the month of October in Lisbon, but I think I think I had a “decent” availability for the DXgov Dev team, now I would be more reachable since im back in Argentina and I have no trips planned.

I think I can consider this contributor proposal done, going to wait a few days to see if someone thinks different expressing their concerns in this topic.

I also wanted to said that Im super proud of being part of DXdao and DXgov Dev team, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of them in person for first time in Lisbon and I consider a lot of them friends now.