AugustoL Contribution Work Proposal #1

I am planning to this proposal in xDxdao to get confirmation that I will be compensated upon the completion of the following tasks:

  • Dxvote v.1.0 Minimal voting dapp to create proposals, vote and stake on Arbitrum/xDai. (Priority to deploy to arbitrum).

DXvote v1.0 milestone issues

  • Dxdao Smart Contracts: The smart contracts for gov 1.x were sent to be audited and we will have the results next week. I also commit to apply the necessary changes after the audit and redeploy the contracts to rinkeby for dxdao users to use the dapp at any time.

  • Developer and Governance calls: I commit to attend both calls and in case I cannot let the coworkers know and communicate anything I consider important before the calls.

I already started working on this tasks during this month, and I reviewed and talked with dxdao members after governance calls about what they think is important to have for the first version.

I estimate this tasks will take me a month and a half of work, and I will try to deliver them by end of may.

To verify the completion of my tasks I will try to be paid using DXvote on xDai or Arbitrum once it is deployed on any of this networks with audited contracts.

Past experience


  • Experience Level: 5
  • Estimated Time: 6 Weeks (1.5 months).
  • Working for DXdao since 04/2020.
  • 12000 USD.
  • 9000 USD in DXD vested for 2 year with 1 year cliff starting the 1/04/2021.
  • 0.1667% REP at based on latest REP supply on mainnet at the moment of submitting the worker payment.