AugustoL Contribution Work Proposal #1

I am planning to this proposal in xDxdao to get confirmation that I will be compensated upon the completion of the following tasks:

  • Dxvote v.1.0 Minimal voting dapp to create proposals, vote and stake on Arbitrum/xDai. (Priority to deploy to arbitrum).

DXvote v1.0 milestone issues

  • Dxdao Smart Contracts: The smart contracts for gov 1.x were sent to be audited and we will have the results next week. I also commit to apply the necessary changes after the audit and redeploy the contracts to rinkeby for dxdao users to use the dapp at any time.

  • Developer and Governance calls: I commit to attend both calls and in case I cannot let the coworkers know and communicate anything I consider important before the calls.

I already started working on this tasks during this month, and I reviewed and talked with dxdao members after governance calls about what they think is important to have for the first version.

I estimate this tasks will take me a month and a half of work, and I will try to deliver them by end of may.

To verify the completion of my tasks I will try to be paid using DXvote on xDai or Arbitrum once it is deployed on any of this networks with audited contracts.

Past experience


  • Experience Level: 5
  • Estimated Time: 6 Weeks (1.5 months).
  • Working for DXdao since 04/2020.
  • 12000 USD.
  • 9000 USD in DXD vested for 2 year with 1 year cliff starting the 1/04/2021.
  • 0.1667% REP at based on latest REP supply on mainnet at the moment of submitting the worker payment.

Hola, just wanted to give an update on this myself.

In my opinion I already did everything I committed myself and even more (that was the idea). But I still havent deployed to xdai to receive my payment and more work is popping up and I cant stop and decide and organize on what Im going to work on I am going to create another contribution proposal #2 to be payed the extra work I did this last weeks and what I will be working on the following months.

Proof of work:



We did two audits, both of the documents are in the repository, publicly available, I tried to document it and do it as better as possible. In the proposal I commited to work on one audit, but then we decided that we could use another one and I have to say that the results of both of them were very positive and I am super confident in the security of the dxvote contracts after being so carefully reviewed. I took the time to take each issue very seriously and fix everything that was submitted.
The final takeout that I take from the comments of the auditor is that the Permission Regsitry (which is maybe the most important feature added) is only as safe as how the organization uses and configure it. Right now in mainnet we have to way to set up dynamically what a scheme can do or not, which is a huge improvement in our security tools and actions having a permission layer like the Permission Registry adds, but in the end is on us how we use it.

Extra work I did on the dxdao-contarcts repo:

  • One audit report and changes.
  • Added continuous integration script to run linter, tests and coverage in each PR.
  • Reached 100 % test coverage in WalletScheme and PermissionRegistry smart contracts.

Now Im working on a PR (Augustol develop by AugustoL · Pull Request #16 · AugustoL/dxdao-contracts · GitHub) that documents better how the DXvote contracts works, organize a bit more the contracts in folders and add contract tools like NFTMinter and VestingFactory.

The main reason I went ahead and worked more than I committed myself was because dxdao required it and I had time available. I estimate that it was 2 more weeks of work, I am going to ask for its compensation later in my next worker contribution proposal. It would be good to know if someone has any problem with it before going ahead, if you do please let me know here.