AUGUR Community Musical Anthem

I’m Aiswarya from Cryptic Entertainments, a Crypto Edutainment venture. We are currently creating community anthems, documentaries, short films & web series for reputed projects like Polygon, Near, IOST, WazirX, etc. for educating and raising awareness about the projects.
Brand Anthems (Cryptic Originals)

  1. Polygon Anthem

  2. IOST Anthem

  3. Halloween Special

Refer to the above. We have great ideas for AUGUR!!

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How much money do you want?

One Original Community Anthem will cost 6500$.

In one soundtrack, we’ll have following deliverables

  1. Original Soundtrack (Brand anthem)

  2. Album Art

  3. Lyrical Video

  4. Musical Video (4k Ultra HD)

  5. Pre Roll Act (Teaser)

  6. Musical Memes

  7. Distribution across 25+ music streaming platforms

  8. Reach of minimum 2M+ audience

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Previous videos look great, I’m sure the community will be very excited for a Augur anthem

Great!! I would prefer to book a call on the below link so that I can detail on all the ideas that we have in mind for AUGUR.

Let’s Discuss!

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@Delta or @maybenotdepends can you please book a call with @aiswarya via the provided link and discuss ideas. A great opportunity for the Augur DAO.

I liked the Polygon anthem. However, we’re not at the stage of doing any marketing expenditures at this point. You might want to try back in 3-6 months.

Sure, for any related assistance in future contact