Audit of Carrot V1 by Team Omega

Carrot Alpha has been live for several months. We have seen interesting use cases mostly focused around Swapr farming, but also including milestones for grants, and twitter awareness. There are seemingly endless possibilities for the use of Carrot.

Development of the next version of Carrot smart contracts has continued, and the next version is dubbed Carrot V1. Carrot v1 is designed with flexibility in mind. The maximum amount of flexibility is achieved by allowing third parties to create their own KPI token and oracle templates. Any party can code the functionality they want/need in Carrot v1 and use it freely, putting almost no limits on creativity. This means any type of token can be collateral, ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, etc. and any unlocking logic can be implemented. As part of the development effort so far, a default ERC20 KPI token template has also been developed which supports multiple ERC20 collaterals, weighted conditions, and the ability to enable a minimum payout.

This proposal is to engage with Omega Team to conduct the first of two external audits for the Carrot V1 code. The approach we have been discussing on DXdao calls recently is to adopt an industry standard of two external audits by reputable firms for DXdao products that are intended to handle large amounts of funds. We want Carrot to be a leader in crypto and grow with the crypto market!


Note this repository is currently private but will be made public, along with the audit reports, before the launch of Carrot V1.


Timeline: 06/03/22 - 6/17/22



Recipient Address on Gnosis Chain: 0xd45ef7cad3f330e1b4799a7bfd764e3feb77b22f