Ask devs, is a layer 2 Uniswap possible?

Is it technically possible to move Uniswap to Layer2?
My understanding is with a Layer2 Uniswap, once traders deposit they can swap/add liquidity /remove liquidity with a minimum fee.
With current gas price most of liquidity pools on Uniswap will become unprofitable for providers and will disappear, so a Layer2 Uniswap will be a good replacement for small holders and average traders, they could use it as a secure wallet, exchange and investment tool.
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This is an interesting question! I don’t know, but I did recently see this post by Loopring:

In the first section it says

We are also finalizing a feature of Loopring 3.6 that we have not yet talked about: AMM. Loopring 3.6 will support both orderbook-based and AMM-based trading on layer-2 and allow settlement between regular orders and AMM pools directly. We will share more details about this much-requested feature in the coming weeks.

Curious to hear more details on this!

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A version of Uniswap on xDAI chain (POA) would be a great product.
I also think it would be way better than DXswap which is quite slow to come, has been ‘frontrun’ by SushiSwap and would appear predatory.

Forks which tries to take over projects are probably bad for the DXdao reputation while forks extending use of current projects would look good and be of great benefit for the ecosystem.


After sushi removes 2b dollars outof Uniswap with its fork this news clears that next step in Uniswap development will be a layer 2 solution.

There is already great fork of uniswap running as Honeyswap check it has already liquidity if 5M+ and active discord users.

Who knows its Uniswap v3 running already running in disguise yo!.
There token HNY is also on mainnet tradable on Sushiswap.

Token listed in coingecko n cm

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