Artistocrat Contributor Proposal [09/09/2022 – 09/11/2022]


This is my first part-time contributor proposal. I have started working on Project Davi UI/UX and I have created a new Figma file for Project Davi and I have created the discussion page. Figma


09/09/2022 – 09/11/2022

Proposed Scope of Contribution:

Goals :

Complete UI/UX for DAVI social discussion features

Continue working on advanced DAVI design features

Work with branding to add more identity to DAVI


Wireframe for upcoming screens


Suitable design for Design System

Icon and design assets creation


Experience Level: 3

Time commitment: Part-time

1 month trial (Level 3 at 50%)

$1,250 (DAI) for 1 month

$750 (DXD)

0.0834 % REP

2 months salary (Level 3 at 80%)

$2,000 (DAI) to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment proposal

$1,200 (DXD)

0.2666% REP for 2 months

Work Experience:

I am more than 10 years experienced product, brand and graphic designer

Before working in blockchain I was working with big factories, startups and celebrities as a freelancer designer and I was designing social media graphics, designing UI/UX of startups, drawing cover arts for celebrities, and creating complete brandings.

For 3 years, I became a crypto native designer and I have worked with many web3 companies and celebrities (TrustSwap, T1 Esport team NFT page, Amanda Nunes NFTs Page, Swappable, TheCryptoapp, Unicef/NightGallery NFTs page, FIFA NFTs Page,, Artmeta, Battle of Haku etc)


If you need any feedback or help, please reach out to me, boris or dirk. Happy to be expanding our design efforts.

Awesome! Welcome to the DXgov team and really happy to have a UI/UX designer on the team :). Please reach out and let us know if there’s anything we can help out with to get your onboarding easier!

Great to have you part time @Artistocrat . I would like to see also reviewing PRs implementing design ui/ux changes under your responsibilities too, having your review/approval on github will be very important, also to get you integrated officially in the development process