Are task management features already available in the platform?


On December 31st, the community member Yalda Mousavinia (@stellarmagnet) asked if task management tools would be available wit Alchemy because of her “personal opinion that the ‘single core thing to align economic’ interests is governance that is fully integrated with task management.” A synthesis of the answer provided by DAOstack’s architect Matan Field is:

“Task management features are not involved in the core platform as it’s not our focus — for that one can use Trello, Asana or any other tool. Later we’d also like to integrate with those.
We’ve focused on the single core thing that is critically missing from the ability of align the interests — and actions — of thousands of people into a coherent collective action: a decentralized, large-scale economic and governance system (or really many of them). But we’ve built it in a way which makes an easy integration, so that this core could serve a larger ecosystem of tools, governance systems, apps, and… DAOs.
This way we would be able to work with the governance / economic backbone, and use external existing tools; later integrate with those tools internally; and eventually people will build customized internal solutions.
To give the example of Alchemy, for now it is just about the governance & economic aspects. Whether other beyond-governance coordination tools will be supported inside Alchemy, or will be provided by parallel applications, is something to decide about, and to test the user community with. But there’s also no necessarily need to have a single solution (i.e. the ecosystem could have both — remember, the entire tech stack is open source).”


As some of you might remember in Backfeed days some modules were embedded in Slack as a contribution proposal and evaluation client. It’s doesn’t take a great leap of imagination to envision this being made with the Alchemy or other modules i.e integrating project management governance within messaging and task management tools such as Slack and Trello.