Approve Swapr farming campaign for COW/WETH pair

This proposal lays out a farming campaign for the COW/WETH pair to coincide with the potential launch of the COW token. Since the COW token will not be liquid until March 28th, the campaign cannot be fully created at this time. The campaign launch will be facilitated by the DXdao Multi-chain Multisig 0x9467dcFD4519287e3878C018c02f5670465a9003

Campaign duration date: March 28, 2022 18:00 UTC - April 14, 2022 15:00 UTC

Target pair: COW/WETH


  • 75,000 SWPR
  • 15 GNO
  • 29,100 COW
  • 29,100 COW Carrot - COW/WETH average range from $500k - $3m from 3/29 - 4/14

The reward tokens for SWPR and GNO are already in the Multichain Multisig, while the 240,000 COW tokens will be sent to the Multichain Multisig after the COWDAO liquidity mining proposal is passed and executed:

This proposal also commits an additional 275,000 SWPR and 50 GNO to COW/WETH over the remaining 10 weeks, made up of Carrot and direct rewards.

Once the Cow proposal and this proposal passes, the Multichain Multisig will need to quickly:

  • Create a Carrot with the parameters above
  • Launch a Swapr farming campaign with the Cow Carrot as well as the rest of the reward tokens through the multichain, multisig

@Powers thanks for this proposal!
Looking forward to it (: