Announcing CENNZnet Grant DAO: Funding for Ecosystem Projects!

Hello and kia ora CENNZnet family!

We see the recent changes to the global working situation due to COVID-19 as an opportunity to include more people in remote-first work. As a public blockchain, CENNZnet’s mission is to give the community ownership and decision-making capability for how the platform will develop. Until now, we’ve been quietly engaging open-source communities, but we’re ready to push it out further to help remote workers by making these opportunities publicly available through an experiment we’re launching: CENNZnet Grants DAO :blue_heart::herb:

We see this as a step towards harnessing the creativity and ambition of people from all over the world who want to be a part of the CENNZnet ecosystem. To do this, we’re funding community projects that advance the CENNZnet tech roadmap, so that teams that demonstrate competency and interest can join us to carve out the CENNZnet journey.

You can join the CENNZnet community to discuss the CENNZnet Grants DAO on:

:speech_balloon: Telegram:

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: DAOtalk:

If your grant proposal is passes and is accepted by tech team admins can invite you to Centrality Dev Slack.

Some Background

Centrality will be funding a community-driven decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) using DAOstack’s Alchemy platform, with an initial USD10,000 in Dai for a period of 2–3 months to fund proposals related to the CENNZnet ecosystem.

Interested teams can submit a proposal to fund a project that supports the development of the CENNZnet roadmap. A range of people from Centrality (along with community members) will have voting power to collectively decide which project will receive funding. Voting power, in the form of REP can be dynamically earned or lost based on track record of contribution in projects and other community activities. More on that will follow in the forums and Telegram channel.

Initial projects ideas

The initial round of CENNZnet grants will fund community-lead projects that we’ve already identified as very relevant for the roadmap. We may add more projects in the future and are open to hearing about your ideas if you believe there’s something great you can contribute to our tech stack.

  • CENNZnet block explorer
  • Sylo mini DApps
  • Data permissioning using Doughnut use cases
  • DAO platform implementation using CENNZnet stack
  • CENNZnet ecosystem map and data visualization, infrastructure and products.
  • Tools for CENNZnet DApps development

CENNZnet Grants DAO interface

CENNZnet Grants DAO uses the Alchemy application, built by DAOStack. The decision-making process uses DAOstack’s Holographic Consensus and incorporates a prediction market mechanism with GEN ERC20 tokens. GEN’s are staked to make predictions on which proposals will pass or fail. You can learn more about the mechanism here.

How to get involved

The CENNZnet Grants DAO onboarding instructions will be shared with the community soon. In the meantime, you can join the community to discuss the CENNZnet Grants DAO on:

:speech_balloon: Telegram:

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: DAOtalk:

To stay up-to-date on the progress of Centrality’s ecosystem, follow us on Twitter and our Telegram Announcements channel , plus join our community on Centrality’s Official Telegram , Instagram and Facebook .