Aluna x Mesa x DXswap


The Aluna project aims to address the lack of transparency and trust in crypto trading.

What is Aluna.Social?

Aluna.Social — ALN’s flagship product — is a multi-exchange social trading terminal for crypto traders.

On Aluna.Social, users can connect and manage multiple exchange accounts in one place, verify and share their trading performance in an unforgeable way, leverage on community insights and positive social feedback loops, and automatically copy the trades of the world’s best traders (or counter-copy the worst!).

The platform is currently in Beta, integrated with Bitmex, Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex and Poloniex, with more exchange integrations on the way.

Some notable features in the pipeline are:

  • Web3 Prediction Games
  • DeFi Leaderboard — An on-chain analytics tool for DEX traders
  • “ROI Farming” — rewarding the top performing traders (on both CEXes and DEXes) with ALN tokens
  • On-chain Copy Trading

What is ALN?

Aluna (ALN) Token is the utility token at the heart of the Aluna ecosystem.

The core functions of ALN are:

  1. To fuel the incentive and gamification mechanisms of ALN-powered products and services.
  2. To incentivise ecosystem participants and bootstrapping of ALN liquidity and utility.
  3. To coordinate decentralised governance and reward the community of governors.

Additional Resources

For more information about the Aluna project, please refer to the following links:

Aluna x Mesa x DXswap

After considering various options for hosting IDOs, we have decided to conduct our IDO on Mesa, because the batch auction mechanism is more suitable than AMM exchanges.

Aluna plans to host our IDO on Mesa using a sigmoid curve. We are timing the IDO around the launch of DXswap so that we can list on DXswap immediately after the IDO ends. Ideally, we seek a close collaboration with the Mesa / DXswap team for the following:

  • Listing ALN on UI of both Mesa and DXswap
  • Provide liquidity on the ALN/ETH pair on DXswap
  • Run liquidity mining / yield farming campaign to incentivise users to add liquidity to DXswap
  • Cross-marketing Aluna, Mesa, and DXswap, e.g. posts on social channels, PR for the launch of DXswap (e.g. ETH/ALN pool as part of dxd pool set in the official launch announcement, partnership between Aluna and DXdao, etc.)

Aluna x DXdao

Beyond the Mesa IDO and DXswap listing, we would like to explore the potential for a partnership with DXdao, receive your advisory & support, and find potential synergies between our products, such as:

  • Prediction games (markets)
  • Governance & DAO model
  • On-chain copy trading
  • DXswap explorer
  • DeFi Dashboard / Tracker / Explorer

Look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thank you.

Alvin Lee


Proposal for adding ALN to Mesa UI has been created:


Great,i would join in the IDO

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We had a call with Aluna this morning about the IDO and other partnership opportunities. Notes below:

ALN <> DXdao partnership

  1. IDO
  2. Liquidity Mining Campaigns
  3. Long-term


  • Medium article on Partnerships some time next week
  • AMAs, videos or other opportunities to engage publicity

Three events:

  • Mesa IDO - December 15-29
  • Launch of Swapr
  • Liquidity mining
    • ALN/ETH on Swapr/Uniswap - Dec 29th 3 months
    • DXD staking for ALN - Dec 31st two weeks
    • 80/20 ALN/DXD on Balancer - Jan 14th two weeks

Partnership opportunities

  • Governance - maybe Aragon
  • Omen - binary options
  • DeFi Social - dHedge, token sets