Alpress DAO token distribution on Ethereum testnet

The philosophy for the Alpress token compensation scheme.

This is a proposal for discussion and all thoughts are welcome. :slight_smile:

Also, to clarify Apress is a decentralized blog generator, the name is temporary and still to be decided. If you are interested in contributing to the change of the blog system then please go to our topic:‘Naming decentralized blog generator’

The goal is to test DAO to distribute tokens. Tokens will be shared on the basis of a contribution to the project. This means the more you contribute to the more tokens you will get.

DAO holds the funds in locked in smart contracts. The funds are allocated/released upon successful community voting.

Token supply & distribution

  • Token name: DLOG

  • Token type: Utility token ERC-20

  • The nominal price of the token: 1 DLOG = 0.01$

  • I propose 100,000,000 DLOG existing at the time of the launch.

  • Contributors tokens make up 40 % - 60 % (?) of the total token supply - to be decided.

  • Founders Bonus tokens make up 20 % - 40 % (?) of the total token supply - to be decided.

  • Investors tokens make up 20 % (?) of the total token supply - to be decided.

  • Estimate compensation: $6000 USD per month per 40 hours per week - covering the period between March 2020 to lunch of the project January 2021.

The Alpress DAO is planned to be launched in January 2021, the team contribution would stand at 6,000,000 DLOGs. The figure is based on 10 months of Team contribution since the start of the project in March 2020.

Additionally, each founder receives a Founder Bonus e.g. 5,000,000 - 10,000,000 DLOG. The bonus is frozen for 2 years and a half (2,500,000 - 5,000,000 DLOG) can be released in January 2022. The remaining half (2,500,000 - 5,000,000 DLOG) can be taken in January 2023. The reasoning behind it is that founders deserve compensation for establishing the project and growing it using their own resources in any spare time. However, to make sure that they are engaged in the project, the founder bonus is locked for a total of two years and can be released in two stages.