Almonit Team meeting 02/09/2020, 6.30 pm

Team meeting 02.09.2020, 6.30 pm

  1. Alpress development: installation in progress (mdt)
  • additional layer: completed / redag saga
  • The draft system is under the development (eyal) and to be integrated into POC by mdt
  • next thing to aim to include to POC to tesnet (mdt)
  • experiment in testnet, play with it
  • Priority: adding testnet to browser extension ASAP (eyal)
  1. Meting with DeepDAO: potential ALpres users / provide feedback and opinions
  2. DXDAO - we had a chat with DXDAO how they contribute to Almonit, they are interested with fully decentralized projects on GitHub. Advised to get in touch with them via forum how they can contribute. The meeting was Almonit introduction mainly. DXDAO to use Alpres as a blog system.(eylon)
  3. EF responded to project application: Josef has sent the application to ESP to advice us of what are the next steps for us
  4. Growing the community: Looking to bring community members, join the forum, start conversations, looking for developers / mostly come and contribute and then incentivize them (eylon)
  5. Search engine update to UX improvement: redirecting search results for /now users can open directly the searched content without having browser extension installed
  6. Improvement to search engine site / / improve description on-site to understand what the site is for (kris)
  7. Bootstrapping the TestnetDAO (kris)
  8. Meeting planned on 03.09.2020 6.15 pm to talk about the plan / organize Almonit stuff (All) / build a timeline (Kris)