AllyQ Draft Worker Proposal for 03/2021 to 05/2021

Timeframe : 3/29/2021-6/4/2021 (2 weeks + 2 months)

Background :

Hi! I am Ally, this is my first worker proposal (allyq on Keybase). I will be filling an HR/People Mover position, following under Melanie (@melaniedavis). I have been in contact with @keenanluke, @powers_chris, and @tammypulp regarding this position. Looking forward to any feedback!

Goals/Responsibilities :

As this is my first proposal and I am on trial, I fully expect my responsibilities to expand or change. As well, my capabilities within the field will grow and develop as the trial progresses.

Proposal Tracking and Uniformity: Tracking previous worker proposals, making sure proposals are submitted on time, making proposals more uniform (structure, creating a template, time commitments, starting dates tec.)

DXD and REP Payment Tracking: Calculating DXD rewards and tracking proposals, how much contributors are due, tracking monthly REP rewards.

Documentation Book: Creating easy and accessible information for contributors within the book, uniformity within the book, creating FAQs, creating a consensus of information to rely on.

Community Communication: Talking with contributors and assessing needs, building trust and relationships between workers, working as a ‘liaison’ or ‘middleman’ for contributors needing access to information or help with proposals etc.

Compensation :

I believe I am a Level 3 worker, but will start at Level 2 for my trial so I may prove my capability. My month 1 or 2 proposal may be altered to Level 3 based on feedback.

  • Experience Level: 2

  • Time Commitment: Part-time, 40% (little over 3 hours per day)

  • Trial period. (2021/03/29 - 2021/04/09)

    • $500 in xDai
    • 0.03334% mainnet rep (514.36)
    • 1.15 DXD vested over 2 years
  • Month 1.

    • $1600 in xDai (5000x0.4x0.8)
    • 0.05334% mainnet rep (823) (0.1667x0.4x0.8)
    • 1.84 DXD vested over 2 years (5.74x0.4x0.8)
  • Month 2.

    • $1600 in xDai (5000x0.4x0.8)
    • 0.05334% mainnet rep (823) (0.1667x0.4x0.8)
    • 1.84 DXD vested over 2 years (5.74x0.4x0.8)

Experience :

  • 8 years experience in Customer Service and Relations.
  • Final year of Degree in Psychology, Counselling and Human development with a specialty in Social Psychology and Education.
  • Studying to become a teacher, earning my Degree in Education.

I’m vouching for @allyq’s experience, and that she is capable of carrying out the tasks specified in this worker proposal.

Fantastic to have yourself and @Melanie onboard. These responsibilities are desperately needed! :slight_smile:


Nearing the end of my 2.5 month period, I am posting a small self reflection comment here as well as within my new proposal!

DXD and REP tracking has been completed, with possibly an easier REP tracking system coming soon! Proposal Tracking and Uniformity has been completed; contributors are sent proposal alert messages and offered help with creating their proposals, and I made a DAOtalk post a week back about a few proposal uniformity steps which has been accepted and used! DXdao Documentation Contributor Hub has been an ongoing work in progress with more work to come, but it has been cleaned up and kept current.

Throughout my first 2.5 months I feel incredibly satisfied with how far the Contributor Experience Squad has come. Starting from almost nothing, @melaniedavis and I have created documentation and systems that have already proven to be beneficial to DXdao. DXdao welcomed me with open arms, and I have learned so much in the past 2.5 months; with support from several contributors (Melanie, Chris, Keenan), I have gained confidence in my abilities and can’t wait to create and develop Contributor Experience even more. Given I am only at a 40% time commitment, most of my time is spent working through my tasks, however I wish to spend a bit more of my time talking and developing relationships with contributors as well as building discussions during meetings.