AllyQ Draft Worker Proposal for 03/2021 to 05/2021

Timeframe : 3/29/2021-6/4/2021 (2 weeks + 2 months)

Background :

Hi! I am Ally, this is my first worker proposal (allyq on Keybase). I will be filling an HR/People Mover position, following under Melanie (@melaniedavis). I have been in contact with @keenanluke, @powers_chris, and @tammypulp regarding this position. Looking forward to any feedback!

Goals/Responsibilities :

As this is my first proposal and I am on trial, I fully expect my responsibilities to expand or change. As well, my capabilities within the field will grow and develop as the trial progresses.

Proposal Tracking and Uniformity: Tracking previous worker proposals, making sure proposals are submitted on time, making proposals more uniform (structure, creating a template, time commitments, starting dates tec.)

DXD and REP Payment Tracking: Calculating DXD rewards and tracking proposals, how much contributors are due, tracking monthly REP rewards.

Documentation Book: Creating easy and accessible information for contributors within the book, uniformity within the book, creating FAQs, creating a consensus of information to rely on.

Community Communication: Talking with contributors and assessing needs, building trust and relationships between workers, working as a ‘liaison’ or ‘middleman’ for contributors needing access to information or help with proposals etc.

Compensation :

I believe I am a Level 3 worker, but will start at Level 2 for my trial so I may prove my capability. My month 1 or 2 proposal may be altered to Level 3 based on feedback.

  • Experience Level: 2

  • Time Commitment: Part-time, 40% (little over 3 hours per day)

  • Trial period. (2021/03/29 - 2021/04/09)

    • $500 in xDai
    • 0.03334% mainnet rep (514.36)
    • 1.15 DXD vested over 2 years
  • Month 1.

    • $1600 in xDai (5000x0.4x0.8)
    • 0.05334% mainnet rep (823) (0.1667x0.4x0.8)
    • 1.84 DXD vested over 2 years (5.74x0.4x0.8)
  • Month 2.

    • $1600 in xDai (5000x0.4x0.8)
    • 0.05334% mainnet rep (823) (0.1667x0.4x0.8)
    • 1.84 DXD vested over 2 years (5.74x0.4x0.8)

Experience :

  • 8 years experience in Customer Service and Relations.
  • Final year of Degree in Psychology, Counselling and Human development with a specialty in Social Psychology and Education.
  • Studying to become a teacher, earning my Degree in Education.

I’m vouching for @allyq’s experience, and that she is capable of carrying out the tasks specified in this worker proposal.

Fantastic to have yourself and @Melanie onboard. These responsibilities are desperately needed! :slight_smile: