AllyQ Contributor Proposal 9/27/2021-11/19/2021


September 27th 2021 to November 19th 2021, 2 months


I will continue filling my position as an aid to Melanie and the Contributor UX Squad. This will be my fourth period. My daily tasks and contributions to the dao stay consistent, with a few additions of new projects or giving assistance to Melanie among other contributors when they need it. Details are as follows:

  • DXdao Proposals (tracking and updating)
  • DXD (tracking and vesting) – this is one section of my daily tasks that extended into a bigger project with Melanie and Chris
  • REP (tracking and updating)
  • Proposal Alert Messaging
  • Contributor Compensation Calculator (REP updates and soon to be ATH DXD updates)
  • New Contributor Pipeline
  • DXdao Contributor Feedback – Review System (to be further discussed, edited, and implemented in November)

Goals and Responsibilities

100% of my commitment will be to the Contributor UX Squad. I will continue my daily responsibilities, as detailed above, along with new tasks to be developed this period:

  • DXD Tracking and Vesting (working alongside Melanie and Chris)
  • Aiding new contributors in proposal creation and proposal submission on DAOtalk and Alchemy (noted that the few contributors who have come on in the past month have been aided by Melanie, so I wish to develop this skill further and hopefully take this off her workload)
  • DXdao Contributor Feedback – Review System (with the retreat coming up, as well as some coordination with GreaterThan, I am very excited to see where we can take this review!)
  • Aiding in updating Contributor Hun on DXdocs
  • Finally, as I wrote in my self-reflection which can be found here, I am falling behind on getting to know every contributor with the dao, which is a staple in being part of the UX Squad – therefore, I want to make it a priority (especially with the retreat) to get to know everyone better, and for them to get to know me! I want everyone to trust that I may do my best to help them when they need it!


Experience Level 2

Time Commitment 40% (3.2 hours per workday)

Month one

  • $2,000 (xDai)
  • $1,200 (DXD) Vested for 2 years
  • 0.06668 Mainnet REP

Month two

  • $2,000 (xDai)
  • $1,200 (DXD) Vested for 2 years
  • 0.06668 Mainnet REP


8 years’ experience in Customer Service and Relations

Completing Degree in Psychology, Counselling and Human Development with a specialty in Social Psychology.

Completing Degree in Education and Teaching Certificate.

Previous DXdao Contributor Proposals:


Here is my reflection for the past 2 months. I am so thankful to have participated in the first ever DXretreat; it was an amazing experience not only to be able to meet all my fellow contributors, but also to hear all that they have to say about DXdao and their experiences. They have so much knowledge to share, such interesting and unique experiences, and I value everything I was able to learn while at the retreat. I also value everyone’s commitment to getting to know each other better; everyone was so friendly, and as part of Contributor UX it was one of my goals to use the retreat to my advantage to get to know people better and for them to get to know me! I am hoping now that many of you have seen my face and spoke in person, you feel more comfortable with me as a support for you! I am also very happy that my contributor review system is finally finished and will be implemented within the upcoming week. Melanie and I are going to do a few practice runs, then it will be ready to go out to everyone - everyone will have completed their reviews and will receive their feedback before end of year! Although all this is great, ever since coming back from the retreat in late October, I have found myself with a lack of new initiatives and have not completed as many tasks as I would have hoped. Because of this, I have pushed my proposal back by a week and have taken a weeks’ pay-cut. Although I am only a part time contributor and my weekly time is limited, that is no excuse for having low amounts of initiative and contributions. I plan on having more discussions on how I may improve this going forward, as I am hoping I will be able to pick up more tasks. Overall, the retreat was a success and I am hoping my review will be as well, and I am excited to see what else will come my way in the next few months!