AllyQ Contributor Proposal 8/2/2021-9/24/2021

August 2nd 2021 to September 24th 2021, 2 months

I will continue filling my position as an aid to Melanie and the Contributor UX Squad.
This will be my third period, having started in March 2021 to begin HR work for DXdao. Most of my daily tasks and contributions to the dao have not changed significantly; my work mainly being updating documentation, updating spreadsheets, completing documents for Contributor UX Squad, and so forth. Details are as follows:

  • DXdao Proposals (tracking and updating)
  • DXD (tracking and updating)
  • REP (tracking and updating)
  • Proposal Alert Messaging (Keybase: dxcontributorexp)
  • Contributor Compensation Calculator Updates (REP)
  • New Contributor Pipeline
  • How-To REP (now on DXdocs)
  • How-To Bridge (now on DXdocs)

Goals and Responsibilities
100% of my commitment will be to the Contributor UX Squad, working mainly with Melanie.
I will continue my daily responsibilities, which can be found above, along with new tasks to be developed within this next period:

  • Aiding new contributors in proposal creation and proposal submission on DAOtalk and Alchemy
  • Coordinape
  • Representing Contributor UX Squad for the Thursday Recap Calls
  • DXdao Feedback Review System (draft currently in the works)
  • DXD vesting contracts ending, finalizing contributor start dates
  • Building a larger DXdao presence, connecting with the community

Self Reflection may be found as a comment on my previous proposal here.

Experience Level 2
Time Commitment: Part-time, 40% (3.2 hours per workday)
I will be taking 2 weeks off (10 workdays) to visit family (approved by Melanie), from Aug 21st-Sept 4th.

Month one

  • $1,000 (xDai)
  • $600 (DXD) Vested for 2 years
  • 0.03334 Mainnet REP

Month two

  • $2,000 (xDai)
  • $1,200 (DXD) Vested for 2 years
  • 0.06668 Mainnet REP

8 years’ experience in Customer Service and Relations

Completing Degree in Psychology, Counselling and Human Development with a specialty in Social Psychology.

Completing Degree in Education and Teaching Certificate.

Previous DXdao Contributor Proposals:

This proposal falls under the current Contributor Guidelines, enacted on February 17, 2021. Should DXdao approve any changes to the Contributor Guidelines Compensation Structure that go into effect during my stated contract period, I reserve the right to introduce a new Daotalk post and on-chain proposal to adjust the above stated compensation amounts to reflect the new compensation structure. I am aware that any change in my compensation level must be reviewed and approved by my squad, squad leader, and the Contributor UX leader, before I can make a new proposal for this change in compensation.


Hello everyone, here is my self reflection for the past period of August-September.

I am overall happy with how this period has gone, despite being away for half of August! Completing all my daily tasks and updates have become second nature for me. I also feel very satisfied and comfortable with the daily assistance I have given to Melanie whether it be through discussion of ideas, finding solutions to problems, completing tasks she sets for me, creating new possible deliverables and opportunities for the dao, and so on. The past few weeks have been especially fulfilling working through changes in DXD (tracking, vesting, etc.) as well as the Contributor Feedback System being almost complete, I am excited to see where the review will go with the retreat coming up and seeing teambuilding and discussions occur in person. I am hoping that with the review and the retreat, I will continue to branch out, speak with more contributors and get to know them, and build an even better community - these are things I feel I didn’t do very well this past period and I need to push myself to put in more effort this next period. After speaking with Nissa in a short call to get to know each other better, I have realized that her efforts to get to know contributors is an effort I need to make as a part of the Contributor UX Squad. I want to be able to help more on the ‘human resources’ front by having more conversations with contributors and help them where I can, and I think this could also take some pressure off of Melanie’s very busy schedule. All in all, I want to work on taking more initiative within my contributions.