AllyQ Contributor Proposal 8/1/2022-9/30/2022


August 1st 2022 to September 30th 2022, 2 months

Responsibilities and Self Reflection

I am continuing my position as a part time contributor within the ContributorX Squad. My daily tasks and contributions stay consistent, with new additions and/or changes as the periods go on. Details are as follows:


  • DXdao Proposals
    • Tracking history, updating, alert messaging, aiding new contributors
  • DXD and REP
    • New 2022 tracking sheets (amendment needs to be made to old proposal containing DXD sheets)
    • Meetings with contributors to confirm DXD and personal DXD sheets
    • Updating the calculation processes
      • REP How-to post
      • DXD How-to post
  • Bi-Annual Contributor Feedback Review June 2022
    • Review was carried out in the month of June – reviews have all been received and sent out! Please feel free to reach out to me about any questions regarding the review, the next one will be in December!!!
  • Infinite Hackathon Application, sheets, and email confirmations
    • Very excited to be helping out with our very first hackathon!
  • ContributorX announcements and reminders

100% of my time will be to the ContributorX Squad. This past proposal I was challenged while handling my mistakes with DXD, but thankfully I had a lot of support! My calculations on my old sheet for 2020/2021 DXD ended up being incorrect for a lot of contributors, and I didn’t see my mistakes until this past month when contributors began their vesting proposals. These are mistakes I should have caught sooner, way before a proposal was passed on chain approving the incorrect numbers! The mistakes were most likely calculation errors as I was doing things manually – this has led me to start re-thinking my process for collecting and calculating data for contributors. Clearly doing things manually can lead to mistakes – going forward I am going to spend more time learning how to automate processes as well as learn how to use excel/google sheets in a more accurate manner. On a better note, the Contributor Review went splendidly this go around, and I have a feeling it will just keep getting better! I am excited to see where we can take it, and I am so glad it went smoothly – now to get everyone excited for the hopeful upcoming Coordinape! I am also very pleased with all the progress we are making as a team these past few months.


Experience Level 3

Time Commitment 50% (I am fully available, if I am needed for more the change in time will be reflected at the end of this period)

I took two sick days last month, which will be reflected in last months pay on-chain.

I am wanting to transition to starting my proposals at the 1st of every month, instead of having these whacky in-between dates. Therefore, as long as it seems okay with everyone, I am going to start this proposal August 1st even though my proposal should be starting July 18th. So, I will tack on the two weeks of pay I will be missing in July onto the first month of this proposal to make up for starting on August 1st instead of July 18th! I hope this makes sense!!!

EDIT - I was going two request the last two weeks of July’s pay but since I was very much so away the last week of July in France, I am only going to tack on one week of July to my Month One (August).

Month One (August)

  • $2,500 (xDai) for August + $625 (xDai) for one week of July
  • $1,500 (DXD) for August + $375 (DXD) for one week of July
  • 0.08335% Mainnet REP

Month Two (September)

  • $2,500 (xDai)
  • $1,500 (DXD)
  • 0.08335% Mainnet REP


9 years’ experience Customer Service and Relations

BA Psychology, Counselling and Human Development

Completing BEd and Teaching Certification

Previous DXdao Proposals: