AllyQ Contributor Proposal 6/7/2021-8/2/2021

June 7th 2021 to August 2nd 2021, 2 months


  • I will continue filling my position as a member of the Contributor Experience Squad, specifically as an aid to @melaniedavis.
  • My work in this position in the past 2.5 months has mostly surrounded creating spreadsheets to collect important contributor information, as well as updating older documentation to reflect the ongoing changes in DXdao. As well, I have worked on contributor relations and connections. Most of my work has been done together/initiated by @melaniedavis, @powers_chris, and @keenanluke. Details of my work are as follows:
    • DXdao Proposal, DXD, REP (tracking)
    • DXdao Proposal Format
    • Proposal Alert Messaging on Keybase
    • Worker Compensation Calculator Updates
    • Contributor Pipeline – Keeping track of new contributors
    • Updating DXdao Contributor Guidelines
    • DXdao Contributor Improvement and Offboarding
    • Updating DXdao Documentation

Goals and Responsibilities

  • 100% of my commitment will be to the Contributor Experience Squad working alongside @melaniedavis.
  • I will continue my daily responsibilities:
    • Updating Proposal Spreadsheet
    • Updating DXD Tracking
    • Updating REP Tracking
    • Introductions and communications with new contributors
    • Proposal Alert Messages
    • Aiding contributors in proposal creation and proposal submission on DAOtalk and Alchemy xdai
    • Updating the Compensation Calculator
  • I also have some goals of what I wish to start working on in this next period:
    • FAQ on DXdao Documentation – Contributor Hub
    • Adding my How-To documents to the Contributor Hub
    • Community Reward System (Coordinape)
    • Anything else that comes up along the way!


This will only be my second proposal for DXdao, and throughout my first 2.5 months I feel incredibly satisfied with how far the Contributor Experience Squad has come. Starting from almost nothing, @melaniedavis and I have created documentation and systems that have already proven to be beneficial to DXdao. DXdao welcomed me with open arms, and I have learned so much in the past 2.5 months; with support from several contributors (especially Melanie), I have gained confidence in my abilities and can’t wait to create and develop Contributor Experience even more. Given I am only at a 40% time commitment, most of my time is spent working through my tasks, however I wish to spend a bit more of my time talking and developing relationships with contributors as well as building discussions during meetings. (More on self reflection in comment on previous proposal, see link below).


  • Experience Level 2
  • Time Commitment: Part-time, 40% (3.2 hours per workday)
  • Month one
    • $2,000 (xDai)
    • $1,200 (DXD) Vested for 2 years.
    • 0.06668 Mainnet REP
  • Month two
    • $2,000 (xDai)
    • $1,200 (DXD) Vested for 2 years.
    • 0.06668% Mainnet REP



  • 8 years’ experience in Customer Service and Relations
  • Completing Degree in Psychology, Counselling and Human Development with a specialty in Social Psychology.
  • Completing Degree in Education and Teaching Certificate.
  • Previous DXdao Contributor Proposal March-June: AllyQ Draft Worker Proposal for 03/2021 to 05/2021

I am posting here a comment regarding my Self Reflection for this period.
First, I took a week off in the end of July (5 workdays) as well as 2 sick days during this period, so I will be reducing the Month 2 (second payment) of my pay by 7 days.

  • $1,300 xDai
  • $780 DXD, Vested for 2 years
  • 0.043342 Mainnet REP

During this period, I kept my mind open to new opportunities and always kept myself available to anyone who needed my assistance or collaboration, specifically within the Contributor UX Squad. I think I did well at being a support for the squad, especially for Melanie, working at creating and updating spreadsheets as well as any needed documents and write-ups. Most of my work is ‘background’ work, and I am comfortable staying as a support for the squad as I am only a part time worker, but for this next period I wish to improve on branching out more, communicating with more contributors, making more of a presence for myself within the squad and the dao - as most contributors may not even know who I am! I think I do well at collaborating in calls with Melanie alone, but I need to speak up more and aid other contributors as well. I am happy I was able to start the Feedback Review System (coming soon!), but I am unhappy that I did not get much of a start on Coordinape. All in all, I continue to be happy and grateful I can contribute to the dao in any way possible, and I am hopeful in this next period I can expand even further and offer my support to any contributors who need it!