AllyQ Contributor Proposal 5/23/2022-7/15/2022


May 23th 2022 to July 15th 2022, 2 months

Responsibilities and Self Reflection

I am continuing my position as a part time contributor within the ContributorX Squad. My daily tasks and contributions stay consistent, with new additions and/or changes as the periods go on. Details are as follows:


  • DXdao Proposals
    • Tracking history, updating, alert messaging, aiding new contributors
  • DXD and REP
    • New 2022 tracking sheets
    • Updating the calculation processes (new forum posts and step-by-step docs in the works)
    • DXdao expenses (tied to dxd)
  • Collecting Data for the Contributor Feedback Review
    • New contributor survey created
    • Intrasquad review created
  • ContributorX announcements and reminders


  • Event Planning
    • Attendance
    • Event/Afterparty sheets for contributors at conferences
    • Aiding in booking accommodations for Amsterdam and Bogota

100% of my time will be to the ContributorX Squad. This past proposal my biggest struggle has been DXD and REP. Since the new compensation structure was implemented back in January, I have struggled with figuring out the best course of action in terms of calculating DXD for contributors and the tracking suffered because of this. Thankfully, with help from many of my fellow contributors I have gotten back on track, and I am excited to be able to offer my information for the deployment of future dxd contracts and rep synching. Going forward I think the best thing I can do is focus on time management and not get too ahead of my self – tracking is important for a reason! Moving onto things I am proud of this period, I am very happy with the progress of the contributor review system, and now a new intrasquad review document has been drafted up and will hopefully come in handy for squads to take initiative and be creative with their communication skills and safe environment building!


Experience Level 3

Time Commitment 50% (I am fully available, if I am needed for more the change in time will be reflected at the end of this period)

Month One

  • $2,500 (xDai)
  • $1,500 (DXD) Vested for 2 years
  • 0.06668 Mainnet REP

Month Two

  • $2,500 (xDai)
  • $1,500 (DXD) Vested for 2 years
  • 0.06668 Mainnet REP


9 years’ experience Customer Service and Relations

BA Psychology, Counselling and Human Development

Completing BEd and Teaching Certification

Previous DXdao Proposals:


Not able to edit this post, however I miscalculated the rep! At 50% time commitment my rep should be:
Month1 - 0.08335%
Month2 - 0.08335%