AllyQ Contributor Proposal 10/1/2022-11/30/2022


October 1st 2022 to November 30th 2022, 2 months


I am continuing my position as a part time contributor within the ContributorX Squad. 100% of my time will be to the ContributorX Squad. My daily tasks and contributions stay consistent, with new additions and/or changes as the periods go on. Details are as follows:


  • DXdao Proposals

    • Tracking history, updating, alert messaging, aiding new contributors in the creation/posting process
  • DXD and REP

    • 2022 tracking sheets
    • Personalized tracking sheets per contributor upon request
    • Amendments still need to be made to the old proposal regarding 2020/2021 DXD numbers
  • Infinite Hackathon

    • Application google form
    • Application sheet
    • Email confirmations (acceptance, travel grants, etc.)
  • ContributorX announcements and reminders

  • Contributor Guidelines Updates

    • Recently started working on updating the proposal process – the first post of a series of posts was put up by Melanie a few weeks back, the next posts are in the works!

Previous Little Bits

  • Devcon events list and attendees list
  • Squad Review Pointers (completed and ready to go in the forum)

Self Reflection from Previous Period

This past period has been an incredibly reflective period that has opened up a lot of new important conversations. It has led Melanie and I towards discussions of changes that need to be made regarding the processes within ContributorX and how we advise, guide, and provide for DXdao’s contributors. We are constantly discussing what we could do better as individuals who operate for the people, and what processes we can make easier and more efficient.

Recently, we have been discussing some changes to contributor guidelines, specifically the proposal process, in which the first post can be found here . The next post within this series is set to be up within the next week or so – we are really hoping to get a lot of feedback on this next post in order to get the best feel for what our peers want. We have also been discussing mediation processes in the sense of ‘What can we do to promote communication between our contributors? What can we do to encourage the use of internal squad review processes? What can we do, as moderators of contributor experience, to mediate and aid these conversations which at times will be difficult?’ and so forth.

I am trying to use my knowledge of counselling to find more innovative and personal ways to adapt traditional human resources to better fit our dao. Of course, it is a misstep on my part that some of these processes were not introduced/corrected sooner – however, I think it is important to think about what we can improve going forward, and how I can be more proactive rather than reactive. A goal of mine for this next period is to continue to build my relationships and rapport with my fellow contributors in order to create a better environment of trust and understanding. I wish for everyone to receive and feel the full value of having a contributor experience squad as part of their dao :slight_smile:


Experience Level 3

Time Commitment 50% (I am fully available, if I am needed for more the change in time will be reflected at the end of this period)

Month One (October)

  • $2,500 (xDai)
  • $1,500 (DXD)
  • 0.08335% Mainnet REP

Month Two (November)

  • $2,500 (xDai)
  • $1,500 (DXD)
  • 0.08335% Mainnet REP


9 years’ experience Customer Service and Relations

BA Psychology, Counselling and Human Development

Previous DXdao Proposals: