Allocating very small % of current treasury toward DeFi tokens?

Very controversial topic that I bring up again, hehe

Should the DAO obtain any investments from the ecosystem ?

Main reasoning for positioning
So last 2 month, there were some talks about obtaining some attractive DeFi tokens, indeed, everything seemed to have a great long term outlook. Now approx 2 month later, food farms have largely passed, gas fees are no longer 400 everyday, and most projects are cheaper now, so this is least, a better time to allocate than compared to September.

The DAO currently holds 10.9 Million us dollars in assets, of which 8.7M is in ETH, which is the currency the DAO spends mostly on, 1.5M in DXD, and a about ~1M in other scraps. Reminder that dxDAO currency have the biggest purchasing power out of all DAOs.

Treasury wallet:

So, I think most of us believe in DeFi, and a lot of projects are down significantly, no need to name.

But what would we want to purchase? The DeFi pulse index seems helpful for general direction.

Do we want that much Maker exposure ? maybe not necessary.
Do we want UNI that is a dxswap competitor ? probably not
Do we need Augur that is a Omen competitor ? probably not again.

also, I guess its not limited to the defipulse index, there are other tokens that could brought up and discussed.

So how much should we allocate? Gut feel says a conservative allocation would be around 2 or 3%.

any thoughts ?

My personal stance is moderately in favor of doing so, allocation say 2%, does not spend much treasury at all, and may be a good risk reward bet in the long term. welcome inputs.

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Why not use the treasury to farm DeFi tokens rather than simply speculating on their value?


In my opinion we should aim to make our treasury less exposed to volatility and risk of markets. Just by having most of our treasury in ETH and DXD is by itself very risky. We don’t know how long this bullmarket can last. And just 12% drop in price of ETH will cost dxDAO 1 million dollars just in ETH! And allocating some amount in stable coin i think should be bigger priority.


I agree with @Violet. Treasury is already very heavily skewed toward DeFi and Crypto.

For comparison, YAM recently bought $DPI, but their treasury was 100% yUSD before that. They are now also going to buy matching ETH to farm DPI/ETH, but only because it was low hanging fruit. Their rebase buys are going to change to ETH so the treasury should start accumulating ETH going forward, but will still be heavily skewed toward a stablecoin. YAM is also going to be creating a risk adjusted TokenSet that will be used to manage the risk profile of the actively invested portion of the portfolio.

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