Alchemy's DAOs on Ethereum Testnet for workshops and short lived events

Workshops bring a lot of value to the participants freshly introduced to the paradigm-shift of Decentralized Organizations governed via DAOstack/Alchemy.

Various efforts are making the creations of a DAO much more easy/friendly; the DAO wizard by dOrg is probably the most valuable effort in that direction.

An additional feature that would make “learning to create a DAO on Alchemy” a lot more tangible would be to be able to create a DAO on a version of Alchemy running on ethereuñ testnet. This would allow DAO creators to learn by making mistakes, without having any of the participants to spend on gas fees and without cluttering the Alchemy running on Ethereum’s mainnet (whether it’s “test daos” or “test proposals on live daos”).

I feel this would be very complementary to this concept of DAOstack/Alchemy running with Burner Wallets.

Is such feature planned or discussed at DAOstack ?

We have a Alchemy staging server for rinkeyby testnet

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