Alchemy Releases -- The Thread

This thread serves as a record and announcement thread for new Alchemy releases!

Release 1.0.4


  • Brand new “Proposals” page: new page that summarizes all proposals current and past in a single, searchable list. Replaces the old history page.

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Release 1.0.6


Support for the “CL4R” (Continuous Locking for Reputation) scheme:

Documentation for adding this plugin to your DAO coming soon. Contact me if you want help doing it before then.

Edit: Documentation now available here.

CL4R lets you create a series of token locking periods, letting anyone stake an ERC20 token of your choice to earn Reputation in your DAO. Set the total amount of Reputation to be distributed, the number of periods, the period length, and the staking token. Anyone can lock their tokens for one or multiple periods. At the end of each period, Reputation is distributed to lockers proportionally to the amount of tokens locked and the length of time they are locked for. The amount of Reputation distributed is skewed towards early periods, rewarding early lockers.

The scheme contract can be found here.


  • Improvements
    • Use subgraph v41_9 and arc.js 0.2.87
    • UI/UX improvements:
      • Notifications with long text is overflowed
      • Voting percentage is hidden when voter name is long
      • Better UI for proposal card action buttons
      • Better approach to calculate a proposal status
  • Bugs Fixed
    • Show GP address in Multicall info page
    • Proposal status is not always accurate
    • Show ‘Executable’ proposals first