Alchemy Release Updates

November 12th, 2019 - Alchemy Releases

by @Shiv

Feature and UX updates

1. Redemptions are not allowed on Alchemy when the DAO does not have enough funds to pay off at least one reward.
2. While creating a new proposal, proposer can now add relevant proposal tags like - reputation, dev work, signal, etc.
3. There are new tooltips available for guided use of the application.
4. Reputation from tokens can now be redeemed without gas using our new tx-sender service.
5. Unexpected application crashes when ethereum connection is not available are minimized.
6. Loading time for Alchemy pages like history, scheme proposals etc. is improved

Bug Fixes

1. Scheme info page now displays detailed and correct information, such as Activation time, threshold constant etc.
2. Proposal count displayed for the scheme is now correct.
3. The error caused while viewing proposals without logging into alchemy is now fixed. The users can now browse proposal without logging in.
4. Vote pop-up now displays correct voter names when available.
5. Cancel option is available in the staking approval form.
6. Display for Cookie disclaimer on mobile devices is fixed.

Dev Tool updates

1. Client library has been updated to 0.2.22.
2. DAOstack subgraph has been updated to v31_0


Lovely! Would love to learn more about how this work and how we can use this. Who can share some info on this?

Hey @Luuk Still some tiny fixes to be made with this.
Generally when setting up a DAO / Using Scheme registrar you can create a RepFromToken scheme which can use either a token and corresponding rep amount or a whitelist that will allow redeeming of reputation.

Originally developed for PolkaDAO We’ve used it in almost all dHacks, this latest development will allow a server to pay the transaction cost of such redemption transaction.

While this is much better from a UX point of view the total gas costs are about x3

This works well with fresh (no ETH balance) giveaway pkey/pubkey pairs whitelisted to redeem reputation in a DAO.

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Thanks for the reply Eylon! Looking forward to the next version and potential use-cases this would open up.

November 25th, 2019 - Alchemy Releases

Feature and UX updates

  • Alchemy UI now shows warnings in case of partial redemption i.e. when the DAO has insufficient resources to pay for all the funds due.
  • Tooltips in Alchemy have been updated to not show redundant/duplicate information.

Bugs Fixes

  • Reputation percentage shown in the Alchemy has been fixed and is accurate.
  • Empty tooltips have been removed from the interface to reduce clutter.
  • The duplicate confirmation notifications have been removed from the Alchemy.
  • For all non-existing DAOs i.e. when there is wrong dao address in the url, the Alchemy shows an error page.

Dev Tool Updates

  • Client library has been updated to 0.2.34
  • DAOstack subgraph has been updated to v33
  • Arrow functions in Alchemy code base have been refactored in favor of cleaner code.
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December 12th, 2019 - Alchemy Releases

Feature and UX updates

  • User Profiles in Alchemy has been decentralized and now use 3box profiles :tada:. Please create your 3box social profile if you have not already.
  • First version of Alchemy event feeds is available. Now you can see latest events from the DAOs you follow on your home page.
  • Cookie and privacy policy has been updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Alchemy UI has fixed and now automatically updates (without refresh) the proposal detail page to reflect the changed data due to vote, stake and redeem reward actions.
  • Fixed name and support for - Single collateral SAI and multi collateral DAI respectively. Future funding will be in DAI so make proposals accordingly.
  • Small UI updates to fix position of notifications and token drop-down menu are added in this release.
  • Fixed Alchemy crashes in case of bad token address.

Dev Tool/Tech updates

  • Alchemy code base is updated and refactored to remove UNSAFE_ methods
  • Deprecated React methods have been replaced.