Alchemy Improvements 2020 -- Cycle 1

Hey, everyone. This post outlines the first cycle of a path for iterating Alchemy towards our long-term vision for a comprehensive DAO governance platform in 2021. It reflects feedback and needs gathered from the DAOstack team, DXdao, Prime DAO, and many others.

Cycle 1: Immediate efforts and working groups (Nov - Dec 2020)

In this cycle, we want to focus on immediate needs and improvements that can have an impact for our partners right away. We would also like to continue developing our work flow with partners to make future cycles even more collaboratively designed. Our focus is on Arc 1 / Alchemy 1 in this cycle. Main features:

(There is room for other small features and changes, but generally, we want to keep focused on the most important changes.)

We plan to share outlines for cycles 2 and 3 soon, but in the meantime, for this first one: will these features be immediately useful to you? Please leave any feedback here or in the Figma files, and we’ll try to incorporate what we can. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Looking forward to call on Monday.

Now that DXdao has a semi-long history, I find myself using Alchemy a lot to do research or reference old proposals. Searchability was recently added but has some limitations. And then it would be great, for instance, to see be able to click on an address and see what proposals they have created in the past. Or even proposals they’ve voted for.

Also, I guess we could be using tags for proposals more and then that would help it index better.

Will think more and speak to on Monday’s call.

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Something like this is actually the very next thing in line to get worked on – we can look over the spec on Monday.