Alchemy Bounty Payout Proposal

Alchemy was the original governance interface from daostack which was recently brought down for maintenance and hasn’t gone back up. At the end of last year, a discussion around alchemy lead to a solution being suggested to set up a bounty for anyone who got it running again.

This was completed by 3ac and is running live at

A follow-up proposal will be made by 3ac around the continued maintenance and server costs of the governance interface. If no agreement is made for 3ac to continue to run the service then as a part of this bounty payout, the infrastructure, code changes and documentation should be handed over to the DXgov team so it can continue being run.

This proposal sends 2000 DAI to 3ac’s safe on gnosis chain: 0x6C44ba15D95f8B148C2688cA0B2074f83fc9D12c

The funding comes out of DXgov’s contingency budget for “Developer contractors” stated as being used for “development tasks more efficiently tackled by external dev teams. Also will be allocated to bounties” in the passed DXgov budget for H1 2023.