Aeon Studio — Contributor Proposal

Aeon Studio — Contributor Proposal


Hi everyone, this is a contributor proposal by Josef Aoki from Aeon Studio. I live in Sydney Australia. I am the head designer at Aeon Studio, I work closely with another designer who has a Bachelor of Animation specialising in VFX and Motion Graphics with over 5 years of experience, currently, we are focusing on UI/UX, branding and marketing aspects of design. I have been in the crypto space since early 2017 and I am very interested in DeFi, I have started been contributing in the space over the past year, working for projects such as mStable, Dracula protocol and InsurAce, here is some of the work I have done; ( .

In addition, I am currently being onboarded to the mStable Grants DAO, so I know what it is like to work with a DAO. I would love to work for the DXDAO as I have heard great things from my friends over at epoch studio who have done some work for you guys. Thanks for taking the time to consider my proposal, I look forward to hearing the outcome, and would be very excited to work with you guys!


I would like to work for the DAO on a monthly retainer basis for as long as needed, we can start as soon as possible and would love to work with you guys for the foreseeable future.

Proposed Scope of Contribution:


  • Infographics DXdao + Products (Swapr, Omen, Mesa and Aqua)
  • Weekly/Monthly updates
  • New partnership banners
  • App walkthrough videos
  • App promotional videos
  • DXD governors vote post
  • Discord/TG promotional content
  • And more


  • Time commitment - 30 hours a week:
  • $3,000 DAI monthly retainer. Received at the end of each month
  • $3,000 in DXD paid as a 6 month bonus, at the end of each 6 month period.


Thanks again for taking the time to consider this proposal.

Kind regards,


Aeon Studio

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