Adding Signal Scheme

Hey guys,

as you are (hopefully) aware, today was the day the first proposal has passed(Check here) which signals that the dxDAO wants the ownership of the ENS domain dxdao.eth.

There is also another signal proposal which ask the question if the dxDAO wants to have the ownership of the ENS domain dutchx.eth (If you did not voted, please vote here).

As you see, we already have two signal proposals which used the contribution reward scheme just because we don`t have a signal scheme. With that, I want to start the discussion that we should deploy our own signal scheme.

Daostack added a signal scheme in there github repository here, so we could start defining how we are going to add this scheme to our DAO. The main purpose of this signal scheme is to get the sentiment about a specific question from the DAO.

It seems like there are two major tasks for us:

  1. Deploy the signal scheme
  2. Add the deployed signal scheme to the dxDAO controller



If I’m correct, there isn’t yet a UI for Signal Scheme. But you could theoretically use the scheme registrar to register it.

@alexz is there a timeline for UI implementation?

The signal scheme is only now being developed… other then the UI we also need to add it to the subgraph caching…
It is a high priority for us, but it could take another month at least…

When you say a signal scheme, what how do you imagine it, and how it would work?
How would you use the signal scheme?

@alexz sometimes a DAO needs to give a simple approval for something. One basic example is the reservation of an off-chain event like the ENS domains we reserved a few weeks back. We would like to use a signal scheme instead of a contribution reward scheme to just get an approval from the DAO without rewarding the proposer immediately.

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