Adam - Stipend for Devconnect Amsterdam

Based on the Contributor Stipend for Devconnect in Amsterdam in outlined in Proposal ID 0xad3f172fe7897c78d8ee7aac2f67d32c9c39d00dae858c619e4bf268ccddb80c

I would like to claim the following:

  • Daily stipend: $1000 (max)
  • Transportation: $400 from Europe (max)
  • Mandatory Covid-19 PCR testing: N/A
  • Accommodation: €2,463.67 which comes to $2722.35.[1]
  • MEV Day ticket €50.00 which comes to $53.94.[2]

Additionally, I am requesting additional travel expenses for transporting Copenhagen Flames swags: 1x checked baggage (€50.00) and Uber (€72,07), for a total of 128.73 USD.

In total, I am requesting $4305.01 in DAI.


Please crunch the numbers; feedback is always welcome and appreciated.